Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Save Money, Save the World!

My cousin Sara and I had lunch last week after she got home from finishing her first year of college. I couldn't believe how fast the time had gone! I loved hearing all about her first year, from her dorm room, to her classes, to her sorority. It doesn't seem like much has changed in the college experience, however, so that makes me feel like less of an old lady!
The end of the school year used to make me excited for the next one. Yes that sounds crazy, I know. I wasn't excited about hurrying back to school; I was excited about making my schedule, selling my books, and buying new books for the following semester. Something about that process was so much fun to me. It was kind of like going to buy school supplies when we were in elementary school. I can still smell the packs of new crayons if I try really hard...
Anyway, one thing I wished I knew when I was in college was that you can actually RENT text books. Have you ever heard of Campus Book Rentals? Well if you haven't, you totally should! You order your books from them on a leased basis and then when you are done you simply send them back. It's just that easy! At first I was totally freaked out by the whole text book thing and had to have the brand spanking new books. Oh how quickly that changed. A used book is just the same as a new book, only better because it's not nearly as expensive! A rented book, well that's WAY better! What are the perks of renting your text books from Campus Book Rental, you may ask? Well my friend Angela that works there would say the following:
-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-free shipping both ways
-can highlight in the textbooks
-flexible renting periods

You know I love a list.
They also have this new program called Rent Back.  Through Rent Back, you rent the textbooks they own - to other students, which is awesome because you make 2 to 4 times more money compared to what you'd make through buyback options! How great is that??

Here is a handy video explaining the Rent Back program:

The main reason I like Campus Book Rentals in particular is that with every rental, they make a donation to Operation Smile, an organization that performs surgeries on babies around the world who have cleft palates. When you rent your books from Campus Book Rentals, you are also helping to change the lives of children all over the world, and that should make you feel oh so good!!

So all you students out there, save yourself a whole lot of money and hassle and rent your books from Campus Book Rental for your summer term or the fall. You will be helping out some precious children in the process! Saving money and saving the world--what could be better?

*I received compensation in exchange for this post, but the opinions were all my own!

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