Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sun and Fun

It may be Thursday but I'm still dreaming about the weekend. Sun, sand, friends--a great combo!! We have been going pretty nonstop lately and have been so stressed out about the house that a relaxing beach weekend was exactly what we needed. Forrest and I left after work on Friday to go to Orange Beach and stay at my grandparents' condos. We usually are there by ourselves but this time was extra fun because we had cousins staying in the condo with us and more cousins staying in their other condo in the same building. It was exactly how it was when we used to go together as kids, except we are all grown up now, we can drink, and 2 of us are married. So the same, right? We ordered in and all ate together on Friday night and celebrated JuJu's 19th birthday (Juliana-one family of my cousins all go by  their nick names; Ebie, JuJu and JoJo).
On Saturday we had a mini reunion with some of our friend who went on the Peru trip at The Gulf for lunch. It was SO good to see everyone again!!

 photo 220FE267-89D9-46B7-9ACC-77BB78B84424_zpss4pmh7dt.jpg
Some of our Peru peeps, plus sweet William.

 That evening we drove to Fairhope for my friend Shelley's wedding. Shelley and I were friends in college and then in law school and it had been nearly 3 years since I had seen her. It was also great to see Jennifer, who had just had sweet baby Carter.

 photo 8D3D15A4-AE24-42BF-BD53-5FCCE42A2AD0_zpsw7yp17rk.jpg
You know I have to take pictures of the wedding details. I thought Shelley's simple, Southern wedding cake was perfect.

 photo D816B055-8D08-4DDC-92D7-DECC6230F430_zpshokup4zx.jpg
Peonies and roses--a perfect bouquet

 photo 95525EB3-7044-4873-9954-7EE389E84687_zpsaenckpa7.jpg
Jennifer, Shelley, and I--law school besties reunited

 photo A0D6C7C8-EF3A-498F-9ED8-A2C8C10B1EA0_zpsbkpl5buz.jpg
Beautiful evening with my handsome husband

The next morning after Mass we ate lunch at the Shrimp basket (shrimp tacos, oh my) and spent the rest of the day on the beach. The weather was magnificent--hot but not too hot, with a nice breeze. It was fun to just spend time with family and relax.

 photo 52B7297C-99AE-420B-B4E7-F38817DB0887_zpslyqee12n.jpg
Have you read The Husband's Secret by Laura Moriarty? If not, go get it right now!

That evening Stevie cooked the fish that they had caught the day before. We had a great big family dinner and it couldn't have been more fun!

Later that night we met up with our friends Jenny and Adam. I have been so excited that they moved back to Gadsden, but we've both been so busy we haven't really gotten to spend much time together. Luckily, we were able to make the most out of being at the beach at the same time.

 photo 1414B891-FCD6-4BE2-98BE-F77F8D690C2B_zps751cyxoo.jpg

The next day we sucked every second of the beach that we could before returning home. The trip was quick but definitely did the trick! After being refreshed I've really gotten a lot accomplished at work, at home, and elsewhere so I think I definitely needed a little recharging!
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  1. It looks like it was such a great weekend! Next time you are in town for a visit let me know, I would love to get together for coffee or a drink. I live in Lillian {about 30 min} from Orange Beach/Gulf Shores. & A weekend at the beach is absolutely refreshing. Hope your having a great weekend Currently!
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