Thursday, June 12, 2014


Today, Forrest and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. It doesn't seem quite right! 5 seems like a LONG time to me and in my opinion, we are still newly weds! However, if I stop and think about it, so much has happened in the past 5 years. We got dogs, Forrest graduated from dental school, we've traveled the country and the world, we built a dental practice, we got new cars, we bought a new house. That's a lot to do in 5 years! It's been perfect because I got to experience all of those things with my best friends. I think that's the key to a successful marriage--being friends with your spouse. Whenever anything funny or bad or exciting or sad happens, Forrest is the first person I want to tell. He appreciates me for who I am, crazy and all, and somehow, because of that, I feel more like myself around him. I don't have to be guarded; I can just be me! I know that the future holds so much for us but today is about celebrating the past 5 years! Happy Anniversary!

Leaving our wedding reception...June 12, 2009

First Anniversary in ATL (the valet wrecked our car)

California Road trip 2010 

San Francisco 2010

Road Trip to Bama v. Duke 2010

Intro Scuba Lessons

Meeting Angie Harmon at the UT game


Santa Claus Dance

Christmas Day 2010

New Years at Hogwarts!

Mardi Gras Ball 2011

San Diego, 2011

Philadelphia for Frankie and Becka's wedding 2011

Justin and Farrah's wedding, 2011

Penn State, 2011

Rome, 2012

 Carthage, 2012

Eze, France 2012

Boat ride to Cinque Terre, Italy 2012

Forrest's graduation, 2012

Jay and Claire's wedding, 2012

Vegas for Ben and Julianne's wedding, 2012

Dallas Cowboys Stadium, 2012

Halloween 2012

 photo SAM_7183_zps12eab2fe.jpg

National Championship, Miami,  2013

   photo null_zps711275d1.jpg

4th Anniversary, Las Vegas 2013

   photo IMG_27531_zpsf43452b4.jpg

Keeneland, KY, 2013

   photo null_zps3b33feb5.jpg

Supper Club 2013

   photo 2F65F3D6-3366-451B-BAF7-6ADD879A5AC2_zpsaphmzmht.jpg

Chattanooga, 2013

   photo 4547E4F3-5501-4EC5-87D6-2CAABE7A9FD8_zpsedmbvgff.jpg

Ashley's wedding, 2013

   photo party6_zps4071b780.jpg
                          My surprise 30th birthday, 2014

 photo 9C4EE587-1C87-444E-BB48-F5FB9650CD14_zpszjgnzf5j.jpg
 Colorado 2014
   photo E9ABEF68-94C4-403C-B80A-47360CBB9C5C_zpsinowvmrk.jpg
Machu Picchu, 2014

Looking forward to more laughs and adventures in the years to come!!

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  1. This is so sweet! It is a true blessing to be married to your best friend. I love all of the pictures of you two! Funny side note: if we have another little boy, we want to name him Forrest! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!! I am loving the Halloween costumes, Stu! And I like the progression of how your hair gets longer and longer :)

  3. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you guys have done a lot of amazing things!


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