Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Well that was interesting

I'm talking about sleeping on the ground outside in the cold. Let's just say I'm not a fan but hey, I did it. I was armed with my cold weather mummy sleeping bag, my fleece lined leggings, and of course all of my official camping gear so I thought I would get right into the spirit and be an awesome camper. I will not go so far as to say that I was an awesome camper, but I will say I had an awesome attitude about camping, and hey, they say attitude is everything.
A word about sleeping bags. They make these things for tall people I suppose, and I guess if I tried harder I could have found a child sized one, but I didn't think it mattered. What's wrong with extra warm stuff, right? Well, the answer is that if you are 5'2" and your sleeping bag is for a person that is 6'4", you will slide down in it, especially if you have on warm yet slidey fleece leggings. I am claustrophobic when it comes to having anything over my face or near my neck so while I was fine with the tent and the sleeping bag I was not so fine with it covering my face. I had the draw string pulled to cover as much of me as I could stand but my nose and mouth had to be exposed or I freaked out. After I got situated and fell asleep, I woke back up at some point in the middle of the night in total horror--I couldn't find my breathing hole. I had slid way down inside the bag and was turned around backwards. I literally had to "swim" myself up to the top and wrestle around to find the drawstring so I could breathe. I mean, I was breathing and had plenty of air but I needed to have my nose out to feel like I was really breathing. I know that's crazy. That happened all night, every night, and I had the same panic each time. Just a word to the wise if you are going to camp and aren't used to it--practice sleeping in the bag before you go!! ALSO--our mattresses were terrible--hard rubber mat was a more apt term. If you have the chance to rent nicer fuller mattresses, DO IT. It will be totally worth it.

Ok, so after all that during the night, I was more than ready for it to be morning and to get going. We had breakfast with our guides and then got ready for our first day of hiking the Lares Trek.

 photo SAM_7553_zps780c8ad5.jpg
Linda after the first night of camping.

 photo SAM_7557_zpsb30c5ce1.jpg
Yummy Peruvian pancakes

This is Peruvian Jesus (Hey-sus). He was pretty pleased with himself and kept running his fingers through his hair and doing yoga poses. We talked about him the entire trip because he was so entertaining. Thus, he had to make the blog.

   photo 81A5D499-6E54-4294-8843-0E228803E511_zps6rfwaiyw.jpg
The first hiking day was only about 3 or 4 hours and wasn't that steep.The walk took us over some water and through some valleys. It really warmed up that day and we all actually got sunburned.

 photo SAM_7566_zps9d60bf81.jpg

One thing I didn't think about before I got there was that we would be hiking trails that locals actually use and that meant their animals would be with them. Where there are animals, there is animal poo, and it was everywhere.
 photo 35FE2D04-2A3D-4309-9524-F4D3D6D43E58_zpsvdjhrj8l.jpg

 I didn't want to get my pretty new hiking shoes nasty so I pretty much tip toed during the whole trip. I went so far as to match my nail color to the shoes--I wasn't going to ruin them.

 photo DB4AE822-2889-4640-94FC-4BC194480931_zpsk3godeno.jpg

We set up camp, had lunch, and took a much needed nap! Then it was time for tea (actual tea and snacks!) and not much later, dinner. Then off to be to start the 2nd and most arduous day of the hike.

 photo SAM_7569_zps5eb49c48.jpg

This was near our campsite. I thought it was so charming!
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