Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bump Update

So much has happened in the past few baby weeks and since we had an appointment yesterday I figured it was time for an update!

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19 weeks and counting!

Total Weight Gain: 11 lbs!!! OH holy Moses--I'm not over it. When I climbed on the scale yesterday (fully clothed, might I add so I think you are allowed to deduct a few lbs). I KNOW that's supposed to happen and I KNOW that's a good thing but that was the biggest weight jump I've seen thus far and it was hard for this petite one to see. Granted, I was scarfing down a chicken biscuit right before being weighed, at 11 am, which was my 3rd time to eat that day, so I really shouldn't be surprised.

Gender: GIRL!! She kept flipping upside down during the ultrasound yesterday so there was no doubt.

Maternity Clothes? Oh my gosh the time has come. I wore my first pair of maternity pants to my dr yesterday and I don't know why I hadn't worn them earlier--they are so comfy! They are Tummi brand and were given to me by a sweet friend. Lucky for me she gave me a pair in 3 different colors! I also purchased the Bella Band so I can wear my regular pants unbuttoned and unzipped.

Stretch Marks? Not yet. I'm slathering myself in a variety of lotions just in case.

Sleep: I've recently started to get tired again, but a different type of tired than in the beginning. This is more like a really tired, an "I've been walking around all day" tired. It probably has something to do with the fact that I'm toting around the excess weight.

Movement: I'm not sure!!! How are you supposed to know what it feels like if you have never felt it before? How can you be sure??? One of the Drs that was a man was trying to tell me what it felt like yesterday which made me laugh. It's easy to say it feels like flutters or bubbles or whatever but how do you KNOW what that feels like? I mean I don't want to get all excited over a feeling and then it be some part of the digestion process. I'm sure when she's bigger it will be easier to distinguish.

Food Cravings: Right now I just want to eat, plain and simple.

Food Aversions: Still nuts but not so bad any more. I can't eat anything tomato based or that contains balsamic vinegar or I will get terrible heart burn. That means no spaghetti, salsa, pizza, and most of my favorite fall soups. Boo.

Symptoms: Sensitive teeth! I was feeling sensitivity to sugar of all things so since I have an in with the dentist, I scheduled a check up and emergency cleaning. Not a single thing was wrong with my teeth, despite me making them triple check, so chalk that one up to pregnancy. Oh and I also can't watch Grey's Anatomy anymore. My "gross out" reflex is super sensitive right now so anything remotely gross, like bloody people on Grey's or dog throw up in my car (thank you Sonny), makes me super queasy.

Belly Button In or Out? In, but it's gotten bigger! Eeewww! I miss my tiny little button!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On--thankfully no swelling yet!

Miss Anything? The foods I've had to give up have been the hardest. I mean I could definitely chow down on a pizza but I'd totally regret it afterwards. Also, we went to eat in Birmingham with friends on Friday and I couldn't eat over half of the appetizers, any of the cheeses on the cheese plate (I even specifically asked if they were pasteurized--they weren't) and I had to send my burger, the restaurant's specialty, back one time because it wasn't cooked enough for me. I'm really an adventurous eater so this part is tough. I also never miss alcohol unless I'm at a restaurant like that and there is an opportunity for fancy drinks, or if maybe we are at a party with fun beverages. Oh well, such is life. I can just put all the money I save from food and drink into baby girl clothes!

Best Moment This Week: Getting a good report at the doctor; registering with Forrest on Saturday, and test driving mom cars!

Looking Forward To: Solidifying her name, working on the nursery, feeling her move!
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