Friday, November 7, 2014

Of Late...

So life will most definitely change when our sweet baby girl arrives, and being pregnant is a pretty big change in and of itself. I have tried my hardest to keep a normal routine when I'm feeling well and energized so I can soak up these last few months of baby-less-ness. Here is what we've been up to lately!

 photo 30682E78-9D16-4545-83F2-653678752C34_zps25amg43g.jpg
This picture sums up our past few weeks perfectly--fall and football.

   photo 175AADC0-4274-4008-86D1-415CCCE79D9B_zpsb7m1tsre.jpg

Star power! One Friday night we went out to eat with several couples and Kelly brought along these tattoos. We thought they were cute so we all tatted up--what a riot.

   photo 4E3BC14C-C16D-47FC-8D8D-F9AAFD26A93A_zpsbovul4m1.jpg

We got our first baby mail! Aunt Karen and Uncle Tommy sent us this cute tshirt and headband from Colorado. I can't wait for Little Miss to wear it!

   photo B8F3641E-890D-4E3A-9D1F-08FCB3FCBAE1_zpsgpasmymm.jpg

Our friends the Gandhis hosted a pumpkin carving party--it was SUCH a fun idea!! Mine is the sad dark one. I thought I could get away easy with drilling holes into the sides to make polka dots but they weren't big enough. Pumpkin carving fail!!

   photo CB67E7AD-91D6-4CC3-A891-5CDFD94338D0_zps3zumqwwn.jpg

We've still been making our way to see the Tide play despite my rapidly expanding belly! This was at the Texas A&M game where we totally shut them out! ROLL TIDE!!

    photo F962DEC9-84B1-4E79-A413-1227DEA5BBB7_zpsp2om5oo6.jpg

Every other year we tag along with my parents and their friends as they make their annual pilgrimage to Gatlinburg. Forrest and I enjoy a long weekend and having a little time to ourselves without worrying about laundry, yard work, etc. Here we are in the mirror maze!

   photo 38F2B142-7F13-4EF5-96E3-C3AD9BEDDB3B_zpszsurewa7.jpg

Halloween as a prego is SO much fun! I dressed as my dad--beer belly and all! It was a hoot!

   photo A5279D43-9237-43E1-B3A5-AC771970F4BA_zpseedwgmag.jpg

Our favorite trick or treater, Arth!

 That about wraps up our October, and here it is already into November. My how time flies!!!
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