Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cancun Babymoon: Aka--Knocked Up Abroad

Last month Forrest and I flitted off to Cancun for our "babymoon". We won a trip at a silent auction last spring and felt that this was a perfect time to cash it I wouldn't be able to fly internationally once I entered the 3rd trimester. I have always been really hesitant about going to Mexico because of the water situation but we had no trouble, thank goodness! Our extra long weekend together was exactly what we needed: a chance to sit still, relax and unwind, and just spend some "us" time before the holidays and ultimately before "us" refers to 3, not 2!

 photo 7DFFC1A0-712C-4C26-BD1C-FFA5507C499F_zpstcxrazrn.jpg

Forrest and I left the Bama v. Mississippi State game in Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide) and drove to ATL to catch our early Sunday morning flight. It was going to be a record week of cold temperatures in Alabama that week...the perfect time to get away!

   photo E27ECD78-D18D-484A-9168-9FC05E5C6BCF_zpsxmn0aloz.jpg

From gloves and hats to this!! Paradise!

We stayed at the Laguna Suites, a tiny little boutique hotel on the bay and overlooking the golf course. I really appreciated that it was a smaller hotel because it wasn't noisy and there wasn't much to do--we just hung out. We had access to the hotel group's other resorts so we took advantage of the free shuttle and were at the other resort areas during the day and for meals. I REALLY enjoyed the all inclusive set up, which we hadn't done since our honeymoon. Of course I couldn't drink but I definitely made up for it with the amount of food I was eating!

 photo 019C224C-B168-4711-97AC-B3DF38DED2AC_zpsirtfuscc.jpg

Despite the fact that we had to listen to a time share presentation, we really did enjoy the included boat ride! PS--I'm not good at time share presentations or high pressure salesman ship. I got up and left the table, and basically Mission Impossible style rolled into an elevator to get away from it at the end.

One of the best parts of the trip was that I DEFINITELY felt the baby move. I thought I was feeling her but I wasn't sure--I mean how does one know precisely what that feels like if they haven't felt it before? I was laying on the beach and I started feeling her knocking on my side. I told Forrest and he sat up to look at me and then right at that time we SAW her moving around. Seeing is for sure believing in that situation! How excited we were!!! I know I will never forget that moment! Afterwards I was afraid I made her hot by sitting in the sun so we got in the pool. Well, baby girl doesn't like cold water and I felt her ball up and dig into my back. Panic ensued and I threw myself out of the pool but I was still pretty excited that I felt her so much. She continued to be very active the entire trip. It was almost like she was saying "HI!! I'm here too!!"

 photo C5DF80C2-8675-4DDF-A4D5-E3EB5B8E0616_zpsfb8qy6vg.jpg

As if you would be able to deny her with this silhouette....

 photo F77C5FEB-4BC9-4DAC-8E41-5761005B22C9_zpsqs0zjhwd.jpg

 This is a stranger with a seal at Dolphin Discovery. I was determined to swim with the dolphins, which I did (meaning I was in the water with them and I got to pet them--no Sea World type tricks for me). However it cost $31 for ONE picture! ONE PICTURE! I thought that was ludicrous so I'm just going to show you the stranger and the seal. Also, I didn't know how to spell ludicrous other than the way the rapper spells his name. #fail

   photo 3CF36F45-EBE5-4018-88AF-6A9EEF90B0E7_zpsocvf2zae.jpg

Forrest and I in the hammocks at the Dolphin Discovery--a free photo.

I had a teary moment one day on the beach when I realized that every time we travel from here on, we will have a child with us or one at home waiting on us. Everything will be different. Of course you know that going into this but I FELT it while we were there. It was a happy feeling but also kind of a sad feeling too--sad in the sense that my life with Forrest, which I absolutely love, is changing forever. Of course, we brought on that change and welcome it, but it has been just us for so long and I suppose I will miss the ease of it all. I think that's why babymoons are important--they help you hold on to a few more "just us"moments when your life is so decidedly not about "just us" any more.

 photo 6875B030-3E42-4CE2-8F71-D09BF75457D0_zpsj8d4wtok.jpg

What are your thoughts on babymoons? Did you take one? Where did you go??? Don't you think $31 for one picture is crazy??
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bump Update

I wrote the following post 3 weeks ago--I have no idea why I never posted it!! 
 photo 45A54C7D-F979-447A-BDA1-B84F8B63FBC8_zpsaofoj8jm.jpg
What I looked like 3 weeks ago....
I had my glucose test this week. I actually was told it was going to be at my last appointment and I worked myself up so much about it I threw up before I even got there and then it turned out I was too early for it. This time I was much more calm. The drink didn't taste bad but I got a headache and woozy feeling after drinking it so they let me lay down in an exam room until the doctor could see me. Everything looked great and I start going for visits every 2 weeks now! Here are some stats:

Total Weight Gain: 23 lbs!!! Yikes! And supposedly only 2 of that is baby.....

Gender: GIRL!! 

Maternity Clothes? I'm finding ways to stretch my wardrobe and luckily after next week we won't really have court until after New Years so I can be more casual and get away with jeans and leggings at work. I have some formal events coming up and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to wear to them--I hate the idea of buying a maternity formal so hopefully I have something flowy enough.

Stretch Marks? None so far! Fingers crossed!

Sleep: All good so far!

Movement: This is one busy girl!! I absolutely LOVE feeling her and I know even when she is born, I will miss feeling her move inside me. One night I thought she was trying to dig out of my side, and last night she was moving so much my belly button was moving! Crazy stuff!

Food Cravings: Orange Juice!!! People told me that they craved oj when they were pregnant with their daughters and I just never got that urge until about last week. I've downed a bottle and a half of Tropicana in the past 4 days. It tastes SO good to me!

Food Aversions: I can pretty much eat anything now. 

Symptoms: Nothing too major. My legs have started to get sore after a long day and my belly gets heavy. Sometimes it feels hard and a little sore but my doctor says that's totally normal because it's growing and stretching. 

Belly Button In or Out? It's about half and half--the top kind of pokes out but the rest of it is still in. Weird.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On.  Still no swelling thankfully.

Miss Anything? Now that we are in Christmas partying mode I miss fun drinks and being able to go into my closet and pull out a cocktail dress. I really have to say that I haven't had too many causes for complaint during this pregnancy and I'm just glad that everything is going well. 

Best Moment This Week: Forrest surprised me with a new car! My new mom ride is an Acura MDX--so pretty! It's fun to drive and handles like a car so it's not a scary transition for me. It has plenty of space for baby girl and all of her stuff! 

Looking Forward To: Christmas! This is our last Christmas without Santa, baby presents, etc. I'm sure though she will get some fun gifts anyway! It's fun to think about how different next year's Christmas will be!

After learning some tragic news about some friends and their precious child this weekend, my heart is both broken and full at the same time. I hope I never take one minute of this pregnancy for granted. It may not be comfortable all the time but I am blessed beyond measure to be this little one's mother. I know people always say "It's worth it" but never have I been faced so severely with the truth of this statement. Every moment, symptom, etc is worth it to be able to bring this little life into the world. Forrest and I have truly been given a miracle and I hope we never fail to see the glory and full magnitude of that fact. Please keep me and every other mother and baby in your prayers, and please lift up my friends. They are strong faithful people but still need much love and support. 
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