Thursday, December 17, 2015

10 months old

This past month has been a big one for Charlotte. I really feel like she is understanding and learning so much! You can see her little mind at work all day long! She studies things very carefully and quietly and gets the most serious look on her face. I hope she will always be curious and anxious to learn! 

This month she started to say dada and cat! When a cat came near her she would look at it and say the word. We were so impressed! She actually doesn't say it very much anymore but I think that's because she has moved on! We can tell she tries to repeat what we say but she just isn't quite there yet. She jabbers all the live long day now and it is the sweetest sound! 

She is starting to copy our actions as well. If I put the phone to my ear and then hand it to her she will do the same. Also after brushing her baby's hair one day she took the brush and copied me. I was so impressed! 
This is something she clearly didn't copy from us.. 

She absolutely loves the Christmas tree, so much so I hate to take it down despite the fact it's basically crispy kindling now. She can point to the tree when you ask her to and she likes to grab ornaments from it. She also will drive her walker right into it to help her reach ornaments. I had to strategically place the non breakable ones at the bottoms of the tree and take off all the metal hooks so she would be safe but she was so happy! 

She started pointing this month and other than the tree she will point at her auntie M and also loves to point at people's noses. She pointed at everyone's nose on the row behind us at Christmas Eve mass!! 
Pointing at jay while he spoke at Hadley's christening lunch. 

She also definitely understands "inside" and likes to try to get things out of other things, like puffs out of a cup. She has also learned how to open cabinets and loves to pull everything out! I did a pantry reorganization so she could play with things but not get hurt. I hate to tell her no when she is learning if I'm able to make it safe for her. 
Pulling everything out of my bags is also another favorite activity. 

She also kisses mommy and Momsie and mirrors but not daddy or anyone else. She will however kiss all of her babies that she got for Christmas and her white puppy. It's too adorable! 

Kissing herself in the mirror

Still loves crawling under and through things still. She also likes playing peekaboo, especially when you hide your face under something. For example I will bend my head down under her play table and she likes to bend down to look underneath it to see me. 
She knows she is not supposed to be over there..

One super cute thing she does  is that she thinks it's hilarious when she puts things on her head. Anything will do--a spoon, toy, etc! She will giggle and giggle! She also really gets a kick out of it when you out something on your head. When we do it was ask "do you like my hat?" and she will laugh so hard! 

She had a weird few days where she was terrified of the bath tub. We have no idea where that came from and she got over it quickly but it really puzzled us! Ordinarily she loves playing in the tub! 

She loves rubber ducks in the tub or table! 

We also discovered this month that she loves other children. She will point and try to talk to them. She had the best time with Forrest's cousin Leslie's little boy Brooks at Christmas. He was so sweet to her and kept her quite entertained. This makes me think she is going to want to start school earlier than I had planned. Like her mommy she seems to be a social butterfly! 
She is trying to touch baby Hadley in this picture! 
Eating is an adventure with this girl. She sill eat just about anything but she has to be in the mood. She soesnt like to eat things for back to back meals--it's kind of annoying and she can't be forced. She will squeeze her lips shut it spit it right out! She also hates being in her high chair so we are always battling with her during meals. Her favorites are cheese and noodles. She likes to feed herself but it takes so long! I usually give her a toy and try to distract her while I shovel baby food or yogurt into her mouth. 
There really are no words. Feeding a baby is hard work! 

She is wearing size 12m clothes and 4 diaper. She also has 6 teeth! She is on the bigger size for her age and I hope that means she might be at least a llittle taller than me! Her hair is starting to grow and I think it's the most gorgeous golden color I have ever seen. I'm assuming it will darken over time but I wish it would stay this way forever. Actually I wish my hair was her color---it's really shiny! 
In two months my little girl will be one year old! This has been the fastest year of my life and I'm glad that I have taken at least a little time to write down my thoughts and memories so I can look back upon this wonderful blue I've been in and remember a little bit of it. Happy new year to everyone! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Little Brother's Wedding

This has been a very big year for the McCord family--not only did we welcome our C but we also have been anticipating my brother's wedding! We met his sweet bride Ann the weekend of the first Alabama game last season, the weekend we announced my pregnancy to the whole wide world if you are keeping track. We ate at Capitol Grille and I remember trying to hold a charming conversation while feeling absolutely wretched. Luckily we must have made a good impression because Ann stuck around as as I grew so did their relationship. Mom and I were actually talking on the phone about them getting engaged the Saturday before I had C on Tuesday. Before we knew it we were heading to Atlanta for the wedding weekend! 
My mom, dad, C and I went over on Thursday so mom could get the rehearsal dinner set up. We took a little pit stop to visit Santa with C! She was not impressed with him and would only sit next to him, not on his lap and would not smile. She was pretty good though so I was pleased! 

The next day the wedding festivities really began. We started with the bridesmaids luncheon hosted by my aunts at the Swan coach house. It was a great way to really kick off the weekend and have a little girl time. 

That evening we went to the rehearsal and dinner. Our fantastic babysitter Rachel came with us to Atlanta to help with C so Forrest and I could give our full attention to our bridesmaid and best man duties. We really could not live without her!! The rehearsal dinner was hosted by my parents at maggianos and was beyond delicious! Mom worked on the decor all summer and it really showed. Every detail was so carefully planned and elegantly executed! It was actually my brother's 30th birthday that night so she surprised him with a cake. My dad gave a fun speech and Forrest's best man speech was hilarious. Roy stole the show though with a touching thank you to my parents and grandparents (who couldn't attend because my grandfather was ill) and to Ann. 

The next day was wedding day!! It was fun to be a part of the day from both sides--as a bridesmaid and as the sister of the groom. I got to go between both groups behind the scenes all day which isn't something most people get to do. It was a fun perspective. The girls had our hair done in the bridal suite and all got ready together. Charlotte got to have her picture made and she was so sweet. She really was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! When she got to see Ann in her gown she just stared at her and pet her. It was precious!! Before we knew it it was time to go to the church and get a new sister! 

The wedding was a beautiful mass--one of the best I've ever been to and the quickest may I add. I had to ride with the wedding planner back to the hotel so I could pump before the reception got started (mommy life huh?!). The ballroom at the Georgian terrace was so lovely and the party was fantastic. We danced the night away with our closest family and friends (while c slept upstairs with our sweet Rachel). I am so deeply happy for my brother and his sweet new bride. They are perfect for one another. Congratulations guys!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

9 months

Charlotte has officially been out longer than she was in, as she is over 40 weeks old and I had her at 37 and one day. 

She has really changed a lot this month. She can crawl lightening fast. You cannot leave her for even a second or she will be gone! She loves to crawl down the hallway and yell--not sure why but it is hilarious. She also likes to crawl to my jewelry wall even though she knows it's a "no". 

She can pull herself up on most anything and can cruise to get what she wants. She also really likes crawling under furniture and thinks it is so funny. 

Forest made her a little obstacle course in the hotel room while we were in Atlanta and she loved it! She still loves dancing and will bob her head or kick her legs if she can't stand up and shake it. 
She still doesn't say any words although recently we have her say "na na" just about daily. That isn't a word we say to her so I'm afraid it means no no, as she does hear that quite often. She recognizes and understands the words no, mama, dada, Sonny, cat, and Momsie. She will look at these things when you say the name and doesn't like it when she can't find whomever it is. I said cat in the doctors office and she looked but couldn't find one and was very upset! 

She had her first real sickness this month--a fever virus that had a lingering rash. She was so pitiful! She also had an allergic reaction one night and swelled up in little red spots but it didn't last long. She also had a major boo boo--she crawled right off the bed! Poor
 little girl! 
She can clap, shake, and wave. She loves to read books and turn the page--she can even do so with her feet! 
We discovered that she needed lots more food since she is so mobile. That actually helped her to start sleeping much better! 

We had a couple of weeks where she only woke up once each night and then...more teeth. She got 2 new ones this past month--the top center ones. They really gave her a lot of trouble and she was in a lot of pain! It was so sad! 

She hasn't gotten back to the good sleeping yet and is back on her every 2 1/2 hour-3 hour waking schedule. She wakes up at 530 am and Forrest usually takes her and feeds her breakfast and they watch her favorite letter video. By the time it's time for him to go to work they wake me up and I start getting ready. She usually takes a nap around 830 or 9 for hopefully and hour or more. Then she takes a nap about 130 until around 3 or 330 and then goes to sleep 3 hours after she woke up. She's on a 3 hour awake schedule and she doesn't like to veer from that. 

As for eating, she has decided she only wants to feed herself. Mealtime has become such an ordeal. She fights and gets very frustrated. We found if we just let her feed herself she is much happier. She also likes pretty much anything but her most favorite thing is cheese! 

At her 9 month check up she weighed 9 lb and 4 ounces, which was actually 10 ounces less than she was 2 weeks ago when we were in the office. They said that was normal since she was so active now. She is still in the 75% for weight so she clearly isn't getting to scrawny. She is also 29 inches long which is the 90% percentile! Hooray for daddy's tall genes! Her head is only in the 10% though--so we have a big girl with a sweet little head.  We are so looking forward to the holidays with this little one--I'm sure it will be our best Christmas yet!


My heart is so full as I write tonight. Holding my sleeping little one, I know I am blessed--blessed beyond what I could even imagine and definitely much more than I deserve. Who knew last thanksgiving that this little one was wiggling around inside of me. We knew she was there and that she was a she, but we didn't know how she would be. We didn't know that she would love sweet potatoes and yogurt. We didn't know she would love the tags on just about anything and turning the pages of books. We didn't know that she would be on the verge of walking before she could talk. We didn't know she would hate riding in the car seat for more than about 15 minutes. We didn't know she would be the most determined, busy, and inquisitive little girl as well as the sweetest and most loving. It doesn't matter that she wakes up every three hours, or wants me to hold her for at least a half hour or more before I can put her in her crib. It doesn't matter that we pay for it if we vary from the schedule she has put herself on. It doesn't matter that we can't travel like we used to or go to as many football games or eat out as many times. None of it matters because we have exactly what we wanted and we are doing exactly what we want to be doing. I know that we are lucky to have this little one as our own, no matter how tiring or difficult it may be at some times. I'm so lucky to have a husband who is totally devoted to his daughter and to me, and who will do just about anything for us. We are beyond blessed to have our parents in town and who love Charlotte and want to see her as much as they can. We have great extended family that we are close to and the best friends anyone could ask for. I know I have said this before, but before I had c we started to pray and the only prayer I could think of was the blessing: bless us, oh Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, amen. Nothing is more fitting today, I believe. Happy thanksgiving! 
Happy thanksgiving!! 

Charlotte loved thanksgiving food!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Where Charlotte went

Charlotte was a busy little bee this month. We are trying to take her with us more places and she really enjoys it! She is a party girl and loves to be in the action and is a born people watcher! 
She went to celebrate my dads 33 anniversary of practicing law. She was cuting a tooth so she was fussy but liked dancing with pop as the guitar player played just for her! 

She also went to a shower to celebrate my brothers engagement. She was most definitely the hit of the party in her little red shoes.
Every year Forrest and I go to the Greek food festival in Birmingham as we love the food and we did not want our girl to miss out! She enjoyed the music and sitting outside! We enjoyed the Greek doughnuts! 

My dad always has people over to watch Bama football games and of course C was his most favorite guest this year. She was not thrilled with the screaming but she got over it when we clapped for her after clapping for the team. 

Charlotte dropped a nap this month which made it easier to take her places. She and I have been able to get out in the afternoons some and one day we went shopping! She loved seeing all the colors and trying to grab the clothes! 

We took off to Tuscaloosa for homecoming weekend and went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Kozys. We got to sit outside and C really had fun! She was so good!

We had a great time with our girl on campus! She got to go to the sorority house, the quad, and even meet a little baby friend, Ansley! 
Mommy and daddy had a great month too! Not only did we go with c on her adventures, but we also got to go to the homecoming game. 
Roll tide!! 
We also got to celebrate the engagement of our friends Erin and Wesley with some of our favorites! 
Alpha love!! 

Looking back we had a big month! Looking forward to the next!! 

8 months

So much has happened in the 8 short months that we have had our little one! It's amazing how a baby grows and changes in such a short amount of time! The past month in itself has been a big one for Charlotte. She got a new tooth, bringing her up to a grand total of 2.

 Her teeth are so cute but have totally ruined her good sleep pattern. Since the teeth started at 6 months she has been waking up every 2-3 hours. She's had a few good nights in there but mainly her nights are rough. She only wants mommy at night--she literally screamed a full hour the other night when Forrest got her out of her crib rather than me. Therefore, I'm up when she is up. She nurses and goes right to sleep but sleeping in 2 hour increments went out of style for us when she was maybe 8 weeks old so this has been a hard 2 months for mommy! I know she will get over it with some time. And yes, we have tried everything! :) 
Last month she took off on her crawling. She is into everything and you cannot leave her alone for a second. I walked out of her room to grab her laundry once and when I walked beck in she had crawled into her closet under her dresses and I couldn't find her! 

She loves anything dangly or shiny. She is definitely a girly girl all about the bling! 
Inspecting Pop's watch. 

She worked  on clapping and waving this month and can do it pretty well but not always on command. She does know the word "Sonny" and looks to him when you say his name. He is so good with her and she loves playing with him! 

She also knows "no" and now that she is into everything I have to say it a lot. She doesn't care for No and will cry sometimes when she doesn't get her way!! It's hilarious but also scary how fast she has learned this trick. 

Also our girl is a dancer! She loves to stand and dance at her play table and will even dance when she hears a song on the tv when she is sitting. 

At the very least she will kick her legs. Her favorites are the abc song and "I like to move it move it" from Madagascar. 

She still is not a huge fan of her car seat of of getting dressed because she is restrained against her will in both instances! She likes to be on the go and in control! 

She has started to eat "people food" and is great at using her pinched grip  we haven't found a single food she won't eat but that didn't surprise us! 

She also likes to pulls things out of bags and turn over baskets to see what is in them. She is so curious! I love watching her explore and expect every little 
Month 7 was such a big month for her and I know 8 probably will too. I'm blown away by all of her achievements and am anxious to see what she will do next. She never ceases to amaze us! 

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