Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's a New Year

I know it's nearly February but I don't think I've issued a Bailey Dailies Happy New Year!! Wow what a difference 365 days makes! Of course we are gearing up for the arrival of our little one this year but we are also looking forward to the birth of several other babies (our little's bffs!), some weddings, possible engagements, and hopefully more fun trips! In Bailey style, we were on the road this New Years. We  spent NYE celebrating Kristen's 30th birthday but then were up and at 'em SUPER early on NYD to road trip it to NOLA for the Sugar Bowl. Yes, friends, I hopped on a 5 hour bus ride at 30 weeks pregnant. I must admit that I haven't exactly let pregnancy slow me down much in the football game department. I've sat through scorchers, freezers, and heart wrenchers this season with my fellow non-pregnant friends and did just fine. That's what true fans do! It might not be as easy to get to the games next season so I figured while I felt good and wasn't having any difficulties, why not? I applied that same logic when a friend offered us face value tickets to the Sugar Bowl, aka the playoff round of the new College Football Playoffs, to see Bama play Ohio State. May as well, right? The only hiccup was that Forrest absolutely had to work the day after so we would need to get to the game and back pretty quickly. Usually I could handle driving us home late at night but I didn't want to commit myself with baby on board. Enter the bus. I found a company that was driving fans to the game the day of and driving right back afterwards. Perfect. Ideal, no, but our only option if we wanted to be back in time for Forrest to start slinging teeth. The bus ride was actually fine and the company, Champions Charter, was top notch. The guys in charge kept coming to check on me (probably wise, you don't want a prego to go into labor on your bus) and pretty much were ready to offer any accommodation I might need.

 photo 3191A275-E5E4-43F1-9EAF-0A29159367B8_zpsum6idgbk.jpg

All aboard the football express!

We were in NOLA by about 2:30pm and we immediately hit Bourbon Street. Yes, I've been to Vegas, Cancun, and Bourbon Street while pregnant.
   photo BFB93929-E2C6-4259-B439-D9FEFE9DF602_zpspjvcwgbc.jpg

I've been to New Orleans with Forrest several times but this has been the only time I was pregnant.

We met up with some of our college friends and went to Tableau, a Dickie Brennan's restaurant for what was a most amazing lunch.

   photo AEB2E67A-508B-43CA-98B5-E6AD96DECA97_zpszbzw3y0b.jpg

Shrimp n Grits with the heads--no problem for this prego!

 Then it was off to the Super Dome via pedi cab! It was truly terrifying but much better than walking, plus it was FREE so it was even better than a regular taxi.

 photo CF3A0087-434E-4669-BF47-96E415E9C271_zpsedibm9h7.jpg

It really was mayhem....

 The Super Dome was pretty neat--I was excited to be there for the first time.  photo 497E0B4D-2624-4320-9D5C-3D1C4D18C399_zpsaujfgqkv.jpg

 Sadly, the team could not pull it out. Somehow I maintained my composure and was pretty calm the entire time (maybe because I was pretty tired--it had been a long day and the game was over so late). I hate that we couldn't win and advance to the championship but I guess that's what the playoffs are for.  photo 06294C0F-ABAF-4EB2-9F0F-7253BBFBA9F2_zpscywf8qmh.jpg

The Ohio State band may can spell OHIO in 2 different fonts, but our band can make an elephant and then make it march down the field...

 Regardless, Forrest and I had a great time and have no regrets about going. It was officially our last little trip together before the baby comes (unless we throw one together but I think we are out of time for that).
Of course, the bus did not leave on time. One guy's wife was missing (why would you leave your wife if she is as bad at directions as you claim) and one totally rude guy just didn't show back up and we nearly left him (I would have voted to leave his selfish self LONG before we actually did--if my waddling body can make it back to the bus in the rain after a loss on time, so can you!). Forrest luckily slept most of the way home and I did a little bit, but someone had to make sure the bus driver was alert so I stayed up most of the time. I got to sleep all day on Friday while Forrest worked so I wasn't too concerned. My feet did swell up enormously from sitting on the bus that long but over all, it was quite the little adventure and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Until next season Bama! ROLL TIDE!!
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Bump Update

What a busy and fun weeks we have been having! Every day brings us closer and closer to meeting our little one. I've been going to yoga once or twice a week and have started walking outside again now that it's not 9 degrees anymore in efforts to get into some sort of baby delivery shape. Otherwise, we are pretty much just doing the same old things!
 photo 42F8A8B5-FBDA-4BFA-B9A0-665844CB51B1_zpsirhlslfz.jpg 

Case in point, birthday dinner in Birmingham with these lovely ladies (and their husbands). Thanks for a great night! Here is an update from my last appointment at 32 weeks. I kind of look squinty and my face looks full in this pic....

 photo 88C519E2-E893-4E33-8101-B0E1BA96A821_zps4s63xyqf.jpg

 My 32 week belly!

Total Weight Gain: 30 lbs!!! And I still have so long to go. I may not be able to walk by the end!

Gender: GIRL!! 

Maternity Clothes? Oh yes---there isn't much point in trying to squeeze into anything but maternity clothes at this point. 

Stretch Marks? None. Someone told me if I didn't have them by now I wouldn't get them. They are genetic anyway and since my mom and grandmother didn't have them I'm hoping I'm in the clear. 

Sleep: I have to wake up to physically lift my belly when I turn over in bed and I make 1 bathroom trip, sometimes 2, but I always fall right back to sleep. Sometimes in the mornings I will wake up with a mind full of things that I need to do but at this point, I"m thinking my sleep is pretty good. 

Movement: My little wiggle worm is still as active as ever. She has recently found my ribs! She also likes to poke what I think is her bottom up under my belly button so I look like a cone sometimes. 

Food Cravings: I still want to eat anything--I'm not picky. I have recently been wanting red wine and margaritas--only a few weeks left!

Food Aversions: Not so much, but I have found that I'm not as excited about red meat like steak as I used to be. That's not a bad thing with my high cholesterol, but I had slightly low iron at my last appointment so the meat might help with that. I'm just taking iron pills instead. 

Symptoms: A weird one that I have forgotten to mention the entire time is that I can no longer wear big necklaces--they really pull my neck and give me a head ache. I can't figure out why that is---maybe because my body is carrying so much extra stuff it just doesn't want to deal with anything superfluous? 

Belly Button In or Out? Pretty much flat and/or poking out. Depends on where she is.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On, although I have noticed on occasion that they are a little tough to get off. I'm not entirely sure that the reason isn't the weather though. My feet aren't swelling either thank goodness.  They will get puffy on occasion but that's more like after a long day at work in heels, not so much baby related.

Miss Anything? At this point in the game, I'm missing a lot. Red wine, margaritas, my regular clothes, being able to put my socks on by myself, being able to pick stuff up off the floor (if I drop anything now I just leave it--it's not worth the journey to the floor and back), running, being able to really hug Forrest (I can't get that close to him anymore--we have something between us now).  I know that in just a few short weeks I'll get it all back and then some. Sometimes I catch myself planning for the future with my baby AND my belly. For example we were setting up the crib and I loved the highest setting because I didn't have to bend into the crib and I was saying how hard bending over to get her would be since my belly was so big. Then I remembered--my belly won't be so big then! I also was stressing over what in the world I was going to be able to wear to a wedding in June--probably something from my closet since baby will be on the outside WAY before then, but my mind wanted me to plan an outfit with a belly in mind. It's almost time to switch gears! 

Best Moment This Week: Registering at 2 local baby boutiques. I have to admit I went slightly nuts. If it was pink, I threw it in my stash!!

Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery ready and stocked. Most of her nursery decor is either ordered or in the process of being made and we will start having showers the beginning of next month so the room will be stocked and ready. I've gotten a few things off of our amazon registry delivered to the house already and THAT makes for a fun surprise!! 

People keep asking me if I'm getting nervous about her coming and I have to admit I'm really not. I'm just so busy with work and then getting things ready for her nursery that I haven't had much time to worry about it. She will come when she comes and I have a great doctor who is in charge of the delivery process so I'm trying not to think about it. My type A, list loving self is just focusing on what I can control--setting up the nursery, packing my hospital bag, making a plan for when either labor starts or I go in to have her. I still don't think my mind fully grasps what's about to happen though!!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tour of Homes

How do I get myself into these situations? Oh, it's because I don't like to say no to anything--that's right. So this year my house was featured on the Women's Club tour of homes. That means is that hundreds of people were going to parade through my house to look at the decor and Christmas decorations. Oh yeah and I was also in my 3rd trimester of growing a baby at the time--no biggie. Lucky for me it turned out to be truly "no biggie" because my sweet Aunt Fran took over and did just about everything, nearly killing herself in the process. Honestly I couldn't be that much help because there was so much lifting and standing on chairs and other feats of strength involved that a prego just isn't supposed to do. I actually sat on the couch watching the SEC championship while she and my mom put the finishing touches on everything--that's how much of a slacker I am. I am forever indebted to her, especially since I haven't quite finished with her (the nursery is her next project and I've called her every day for a week about it...sorry Aunt Fran I love you! My house looked absolutely lovely and I was so proud that we were able to be a part of the tour that raises so much money for many worthy causes! Here are so photos:

 photo 7117C9A5-4D27-4849-98DA-38EADA89B021_zpsbeitizzw.jpg

 photo 204134D0-EB5A-41FF-A61E-395D520D94E9_zpshkdqweh3.jpg

Entry way
Half moon bench topped with pillows. I loved the zebra one tied like a present. The stripe was custom done to match some cushions further down the foyer. The framed photos were purchased from a lady who was selling her house and moving to Mexico. They are of St. Tropez (I'm pretty sure).

 photo 55AA14FE-FEEF-42E8-BEB2-4490E59F3F22_zpst6bmfey5.jpg

Love this part of the foyer! I got the glittery wreath at TJ Maxx! The nativity is Aunt Frans. Notice the ghost chair at the far right with the matching custom cushion to the pillow on the moon bench.

 photo E3DF5B72-6351-4B66-8341-4D159350883B_zpsagg4zdsu.jpg

I've always loved this ledge over my sink. We just added the greenery and the ornaments and we changed out the usual green candles with red ones. The red looked great with my green and white wallpaper back splash (which is much less commitment than tile--I just change it when I get over it!)

 photo AC1B9B5C-ADC0-47F1-9719-A06D9CA6381F_zps5gu1jvhf.jpg

Butlers pantry set up like a serving buffet. I've got tons of Christmas dessert plates and I like to display them even when I'm not using them. I also got the cute present drink dispenser for $5 at TJ Maxx because it was missing a lid, so I just stuck these candy canes in it and I thought it was precious!

 photo 0744A032-5F19-4624-9265-4EBD86AE0EBD_zpszhifdpqv.jpg

I hate this picture is dark but I had to show it anyway. We simply tied bows on the light fixture and then made the table look like a present with some amazing ribbon. The centerpiece was just a cupcake stand complete with real cupcakes and then I had my Mandy Bagwell teapot and cream and saucer displayed next to it. Aunt Fran also let me borrow these cute candle sticks that you fill with things, so I filled them with holiday M&Ms!

The table was my great Aunt Ro's and I just painted it with chalk paint. The chairs were from a salvage store that I've recovered to match each house they have been in.

 photo 9F937E9F-E3F5-4A9E-8F50-4B594C1B3FAA_zpsnramq3be.jpg

LOVE the mantle (actually love it so much it still looks like this). I had the purple and silver strand of ornaments so we just umphed it up with greenery and some extra ornaments. The vase was a present from Aunt Fran one year and I found the lanterns at World Market. The silver candle sticks were actually lamps but we dropped one of the glass globe shades. I just slapped these candles on top until we are able to find a suitable shade, but I think they look great!

 photo 4912E871-E3D7-458C-825D-5F8EAC8F60B2_zpsbv9gnt5n.jpg

This is our living room. The gray chairs and white couch and the pillows on the couch are from Harmony Landing in Birmingham. The rug was a World Market steal.

 photo C8B8B49F-AA65-4F01-9282-187543D6F16F_zpsffseopy8.jpg

LOVE the mantle! Aunt Fran and sweet Mrs. Geri worked on that thing for hours!! I have yet to take it down....

 photo 22CCA1C1-30EE-431D-8909-F3782012C104_zpsowpmrz9b.jpg

Sweet little sitting room. I liked being able to use my blue decorations from the old house.

 photo BD116FEF-2EB5-4FAD-8FD2-367C9DDA3386_zps9jkhbog8.jpg

My FAVORITE room!! Forrest's table looked amazing in the candlelight. Mrs. Geri hand made the live carnation balls and we set them on top of my glass vases full of water pearls. The able was scattered with little rhinestones. The drapery was finished just in time and I thought they really punched up the gray and white print wall paper. The light fixture is one of a kind, hand made by our friend Chip.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tour of our home during the holidays!!! What were your favorite parts about it???
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Bump Update

The updates are coming faster and faster now that I'm going to the doctor every 2 weeks! Here are some stats!

 photo 35BA2D09-7FD4-42E6-BB84-5647E60E3452_zps90tizu8v.jpg

Here we are on the way to the Bal d' Or debutante ball at 28 weeks. I'm 31 today.

Total Weight Gain: 28 lbs!!! That is almost mind boggling to me. Plus I have so many more weeks to go! How much weight can this body hold? I guess we shall see!

Gender: GIRL!! 

Maternity Clothes? Oh yes, got my 2nd shipment from Old Navy this week actually. I also ordered some cute dresses from A Pea in the Pod for my showers! (Whoop for showers!)

Stretch Marks? None so far thank goodness but I do have that super attractive line down my belly (this goes away PRONTO right??)

Sleep: I'm still crashing at night. Sometimes I have a hard time going back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night because she decides it's time to play or I'm thinking of a million things to order for her nursery the next day. 

Movement: This is a girl that is always on the go, just like her mama! She has kicked her little heels into my side so many times that I have a sore spot and on occasion I've been known to yelp a little when she hits it. I'm just glad she is strong!! 

Food Cravings: Just let me eat---anything and everything. 

Food Aversions: Not so much

Symptoms: Nothing new to report. I do get extra tired some days but it's a physical tired, not like the 1st trimester tired. I'm thinking that's because I'm hauling around 28 extra lbs all day and night. I also have trouble getting up sometimes and one day I got stuck sitting on some stairs. I'm only going to get bigger so this is probably not going to get much better. 

Belly Button In or Out? I'd say 90% out? I'm still not over how weird the belly button thing is....

Wedding Rings On or Off? On--and for now I can still wear all of my shoes (my number 1 fear is not being able to fit into my 5 1/2 shoes--I've amassed such a collection)

Miss Anything? Mainly my real clothes....and exercise. I've been thinking about running and yoga so much this past week and I am looking forward to getting back into my workout routine once she comes. That will help me get back into my regular clothes, which I sometimes find myself staring at. 

Best Moment This Week: Nursery shopping! FINALLY!! My mom and I met my Aunt Fran to select fabrics for her room and we bought a rug and got a chandelier. We also picked up a glider from the Baileys. Now we just have to get a few things ordered and a few more made and we will be set! Whew--it feels good to have those decisions behind us! 

Looking Forward To: Baby showers!!! I love a party and I especially love a party that involves me receiving gifts. I have the best friends and family who are throwing me shower and I can't wait to celebrate with them and see what all baby girl receives!

Ok--that's about it! I'll have another update next week after my appointment! (Which probably means the week after if we are taking my past history into account....)
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So today I turn 31. 31...what a boring number. It's not a number you particularly look forward to being because it's not a milestone. It's not 30, it's not 40, it's not a number that ends in 5. Just plain old 31. My 31, however, will be significant to me not because it's a milestone number, but because of how my life will change in my 31st year. I will become a mom--well I guess I already am a mom but I will give birth and life to a little creature of my own. When my mom wished me happy birthday today it really hit me that this day 31 years ago, was not only MY birthday but it was HER labor day. On my birthday she gets to not only buy me presents and make me cake but she gets to celebrate HER achievement of getting me here. January 6 1984 was the day that she went into the hospital, after 9 months of growing me, to allow me to start my own life. This was the day that she had to give birth to a baby while her epidural worked on only one side (sorry mom). My due date, or labor day, will mean one thing for me and one thing for my own precious girl. It will begin the day she officially starts a life of her own, and it will be last day that she lives in me. I always tell Forrest how much I like being pregnant simply because of the fact that I get to have my baby with me every where I go. And while I cannot wait until she is born so I can see her and touch her and know her, I will be a little sad on that day that she is no longer "mine" and that I have to share her with everyone else. I guess I've never truly thought that through before--how a birthday means 2 different yet significant things to 2 different people. It's the first day for one and the last day for another. The beginning of one thing and the end of another.
Today, for my day, I had a hearing in court, I'm finishing up some work at the office (and blogging) , and will hopefully got to dinner with Forrest somewhere in town, nothing major, take a long bath using one of my new Lush bath bombs (if anyone wants to buy me a present for my birthday I'll take bath bombs thank you very much), and go to sleep early. It may not be very auspicious, but my 31st year will be.

 photo null_zpsdf655758.jpg

Thanks for being a great mom and putting up with me for 31 years AND for still buying me presents even though I'm old AND for always making me a funfetti cake even though I'm much too old to think they are cool. I love you mommy!
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Going to Orlando without a child (that is outside my body) (yet again)

I think this is the 3rd time for me and 2nd time for Forrest to go to Orlando sans child, although I did feel less left out this time since our baby was actually with us. We had Southwest points to burn and some free Hilton nights so there was really nothing stopping us from heading out for a quick weekend. Plus, it was a great way to celebrate Forrest's 30th birthday! Our main objective was to go to Universal to the new Harry Potter world. We had been several years ago when it first opened but they have expanded it so that meant we needed to go again. I have to say it was really cute and Forrest, who has read all the books, was not disappointed. We got to ride the Hogwarts train, eat at the Leaky Cauldron, and see the goblin in the bank. Forrest got to enjoy riding the rides and I got to enjoy eating ice cream while I waited on him!
   photo C8DC2D81-5E06-4D08-AAFC-B26B55306096_zpseex7uxvk.jpg
Looking chubby on the Hogwarts Express

We were exhausted when we left but still had enough gas in the tank to have dinner at Brio and do a little wandering around the Millenia Mall. I am now obsessed with LUSH--those bath bombs are amazing!
This was one of those trips, like our babymoon, that required a little visit to the time share office (ugh). I did a much better job this time, probably because our sales person was not crazy. Amy, if you are out there, you did a great job. Thanks for being cool--time shares just aren't our thing.
We also got lots of Christmas shopping accomplished at the awesome outlets that they have down there. I usually stress over Christmas but I had done a good job of buying through out the year so that coupled with the outlet trip made for a no stress gift purchasing year for me. Thank goodness--I just didn't have it in me to stress over one more thing at this point!
I was also SUPER excited to get to meet up with my bff roommate from college, Molly, who was working in Orlando (SO excited she has gotten a job back in Alabama now!). She took us to dinner at the Polynesian at Disney. It was a superb dinner!
   photo F803F426-4FFA-4717-8C46-EE96CB9177CA_zpsz5v7sojm.jpg

We also took the monorail to the Grand Floridian to see the Christmas decorations. I also saw several signs for meals with Disney characters that seemed so adorable. I can't wait to take little miss to Disney once she is bigger (and born).

 photo C8A526A6-7D08-42A4-954A-833161F83CE7_zpswpr88i6v.jpg

We spent our last day relaxing by the pool. I'm getting really good at pooling during the winter--I perhaps need to move south (ok further south). Even though the weekend was quick, I tried to soak up every minute of rest and relaxation with Forrest that I could. We have relatively few weeks left of it just being us, so these times are extra precious to me. Probably the next time we go to Orlando together we will have our little girl!
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Friday, January 2, 2015

I'm Loving It--Eshakti

So seriously MONTHS ago eShakti contacted me about reviewing one of their cute dresses. Trouble was, I was pregnant and rapidly expanding! After an agonizingly fun perusal through their many options, I found a dress that I thought would not only look appropriate on my pregnant form but also expand with me as a grew, at least for a while. Of course, eShakti is NOT a maternity store but they really did have several great options that a prego could incorporate into their wardrobe and still look cute, professional, and appropriate. The best part about eShakti to me, is that prego or not, they always offer custom sizing. As a short girl, I appreciate being able to choose my skirt length as well as the length of my sleeves. The process to customize is ridiculously easy--you just choose the item you want and all the customization options are directly on that page. Just a few simple choices and clicks and boom--you have yourself a customized dress. I especially like having my clothes tailored and fitted for work so I know that once this bun is out of my oven, I will be back on the eShakti website looking for new goodies for what is hopefully my old body!

 photo eshakti_zps8566209a.jpg

This cute stretchy dress was perfect for work. It had a high waist which let my tummy grow but also was tight and stretchy so it gave me a little shape. The 3/4 sleeves looked very professional and the key hole detail added a little fun! By the time I took this picture though, the key hole ended up being a little scandalous so I just threw a scarf on over it and went on my merry way!

 photo baf60cd4-bc98-413a-a7e2-64b1949a3ed0_zps8496c3d5.jpg
 Here is me taking a bump shot in the dress (I wore it all the time when I could still fit into it). See--I got pretty far into my pregnancy in it! Hooray for stretchy!

I was a little concerned that shipping might take forever since the clothes are shipped from India but I was pleasantly surprised with the speed at which my dress was delivered. All in all I was impressed with my eShakti experience. Everything from the style options, customization, price (which is perfect) and the shipping was wonderful. Even the nice lady that emailed me was excellent. I apologize that it has taken me this long to get their review up, but seriously, they have found a customer in me! See for yourself! You can find them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year in Review

It's time for my most favorite post of the year!! What a great one it has been!!

January: I turned 30 and Forrest surprised me with a fantastic party (after which 12 people came down with a stomach virus). We also had a freak snow storm which stranded Forrest in ATL and me at the house for several days. Luckily the Hayes had plenty of food to share and we all had power and cable. I think Forrest got the bad end of that deal, considering ATL was totally shut down.
 photo A28D20D5-A747-4631-82E4-03D518469D3E_zpsnq0pf1si.jpg

February: We had to postpone our ski trip due to the snow in January so we went in February. Forrest had a great time skiing and I had a great time spa-ing! As always Uncle Tommy and Aunt Karen were fantastic hosts!

 photo EE9DE6A6-6022-48BE-8D0C-E50A648292FE_zpsiwbnntkj.jpg

March: We spent spring break on a trek to Macchu Pichu in Peru. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but one of the most rewarding. I don't think I'm anxious to hike every again though!

 photo 99AA77B2-EF93-44A2-9F60-057221528ABF_zps1pbofot5.jpg

 April: We moved! We officially bought a house the previous October but the owners continued to rent it from us while they renovated their new home. The move went smoothly and I had a great time decorating with Aunt Fran!

 photo null_zpsd9522814.jpg

 May: We were off again this month, this time to visit our friends Becky and Alex in NYC! We got to go to the NFL Draft and Becky and I saw Alan Cumming and Michele Williams in Cabaret. We also went to my friends Shelley's wedding at the beach.

 photo 1A2F96D1-D34D-4EF9-9A57-6CCE087F08B9_zpsutuws1tm.jpg

 June: In June we finally sold our house! It happened so quickly it was hard to believe. We celebrated our 5th anniversary that week by taking our last remaining furniture out of our first home and into our new one. We also spent many a lovely day out on the boat.

 photo 87451EE3-3638-49B9-B5F5-E2C0BD06FF22_zpstpmosr6g.jpg

July: On July 1st we found out we were going to be parents!! What a crazy day that was!
August: We hosted a housewarming party when I was 10 weeks pregnant. It was great to have all our family and friends together. We went to Vegas the next week with the Pucketts. No drinking for me!

 photo CC36DAE1-50C3-4FAC-BF79-B35896A1D337_zpsom3fosma.jpg

 September: We dove right back into football season as usual! We spent Labor Day weekend (which may have actually been August) in Atlanta for the home opener and we made our announcement of our wonderful news. We found out later that month that we were having a baby GIRL!!

 photo 9F227FF0-5579-4D7A-8372-0E53ED5942A7_zpsl4gz3b32.jpg

 October: We went to Gatlinburg for a long weekend. Baby girl has most definitely gotten her fill of travel while she has been on board! I also had a great time dressing up for Halloween this year!

   photo 38F2B142-7F13-4EF5-96E3-C3AD9BEDDB3B_zpszsurewa7.jpg

November: We took a "babymoon" to Cancun and completely enjoyed every relaxing minute of it. It was also a great month for our Crimson Tide, who secured their way into the SEC championship. RTR! I threw Forrest a 30th birthday tailgate before the Alabama v. Auburn game with all of his college buddies. Surprise!

 photo E00CC014-DAB5-45B1-A432-B959A98C93C3_zpsc2s5jpxj.jpg

December: As usual our December was a whirlwind. We had so many parties and holiday events, and on top of that our house was featured on the annual Tour of Homes. Forrest may have been right when he said I took on too much...oh well. Forrest turned 30 and we celebrated with a long weekend in Orlando. We also celebrated our last Christmas as a family of 2, but our little lady was quite undeniable, as she is VERY visible AND she got some darling presents!

 photo CE2B24AA-671C-488B-AE73-0A121CFC9581_zpsgmgivu3o.jpg

2014 has truly been the greatest year for Forrest and I yet. We know we are so blessed to have jobs we love, family that care about us, and now the gift of our little one. I can't wait to see what 2015 holds for us! Happy New Year!!
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