Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So today I turn 31. 31...what a boring number. It's not a number you particularly look forward to being because it's not a milestone. It's not 30, it's not 40, it's not a number that ends in 5. Just plain old 31. My 31, however, will be significant to me not because it's a milestone number, but because of how my life will change in my 31st year. I will become a mom--well I guess I already am a mom but I will give birth and life to a little creature of my own. When my mom wished me happy birthday today it really hit me that this day 31 years ago, was not only MY birthday but it was HER labor day. On my birthday she gets to not only buy me presents and make me cake but she gets to celebrate HER achievement of getting me here. January 6 1984 was the day that she went into the hospital, after 9 months of growing me, to allow me to start my own life. This was the day that she had to give birth to a baby while her epidural worked on only one side (sorry mom). My due date, or labor day, will mean one thing for me and one thing for my own precious girl. It will begin the day she officially starts a life of her own, and it will be last day that she lives in me. I always tell Forrest how much I like being pregnant simply because of the fact that I get to have my baby with me every where I go. And while I cannot wait until she is born so I can see her and touch her and know her, I will be a little sad on that day that she is no longer "mine" and that I have to share her with everyone else. I guess I've never truly thought that through before--how a birthday means 2 different yet significant things to 2 different people. It's the first day for one and the last day for another. The beginning of one thing and the end of another.
Today, for my day, I had a hearing in court, I'm finishing up some work at the office (and blogging) , and will hopefully got to dinner with Forrest somewhere in town, nothing major, take a long bath using one of my new Lush bath bombs (if anyone wants to buy me a present for my birthday I'll take bath bombs thank you very much), and go to sleep early. It may not be very auspicious, but my 31st year will be.

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Thanks for being a great mom and putting up with me for 31 years AND for still buying me presents even though I'm old AND for always making me a funfetti cake even though I'm much too old to think they are cool. I love you mommy!
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  1. Happy Birthday and welcome to the 31 club!!! I will be turning 32 this summer...that is even less fun than 31. When did we get so old? I hope you have a fabulous day!

  2. happy birthday! and love that this birthday is extra special to you :)


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