Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bump Update

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I am going to have a baby--like, for real. That's all I can think about today after my appointment. It got pretty real after Forrest and I went to the child birth/info session at the hospital a few weekends ago but after today, it got real in my mind. I mean, I've known for 37 weeks that I was going to have a baby but it doesn't seem real. I know I'm getting gigantic and am unable to put on my shoes on and have a beautiful pink room full of baby things, but it hasn't really hit me until today--I'm going to be a MOM and soon!

Total Weight Gain: Exactly 40 lbs. Holy cow. I've actually not been as hungry lately which makes me think that she is pretty much done growing in there. 

Gender: GIRL!! 

Maternity Clothes? Thank goodness for sweet friends. Cynthia had her baby last month and one afternoon I came home to several maternity dresses hanging on the porch for me from her. I was running out of appropriate work clothes and she really saved the day!

Stretch Marks? None. Thank goodness.

Sleep: When I am asleep I sleep so deeply. I do have to get up and use the bathroom multiple (like 5 or more) times a night but after each trip I chug down some more water because I'm usually dying of thirst. I think I sleep so well because I'm exhausted just from living. Carrying myself around is difficult and tiring so I think that helps to put me to sleep. Also I've noticed the animals are acting weird. Brownie is sleeping on my pillow with me like a cat toboggan and I keep waking up to find Sonny laying next to my bed. Maybe they know something I don't?

Movement: Home girl is still moving away. She loves to dance to music! I judged a pageant on Sunday and she was breaking it down during the entire talent portion. That's probably why I had to stop the pageant to make a bathroom run after talent was over!

Food Cravings: I don't know if it was because of Valentines and the over abundance of sweets but I have really wanted sweet treats lately, including fruit. 

Food Aversions: None really!

Symptoms: I think I'm a typical 3rd trimester mama at this point. It's so hard to move--turning over, bending down, sitting on the floor---all these things are SO hard that sometimes they just aren't worth it. My back hurts a lot, especially at work. It's super hard to get comfortable in any position other than standing and standing hurts too! The fact that it's freezing outside this week isn't that huge of a deal because I've pretty much been curled up in bed or at work. I'm still pretty congested and have to sleep with the humidifier on so I don't have to wake up sniffling all night long. I've also gotten acid reflux--ick--and the joints in my hands hurt when I wake up in the morning. Why even is that? I'm still swelling in my hands and feet and have decided it's just not worth trying to put my boots on or even socks, so I'm always cold because I have on flats with no socks. 

Belly Button In or Out? It's so weird--I'm ready for it to be back to normal

Wedding Rings On or Off? Still off. I can get them on some days but it isn't worth it because I worry they will have to get cut off. 

Miss Anything? Being comfortable. When I have to go somewhere I think about their chairs and how best to sit. Who does that???!!! I sit at my desk with an extra chair to prop my feet up on so they don't swell all day long. I'm doing a great job of combating symptoms but it all gets a little exhausting. Thankfully my husband has been a major help and has taken up a lot of my slack around the house. 
Without him we'd definitely be living in a pig sty and would be living off of Valentines candy!

Best Moment This Week: I had a doctor's appointment today and everything looked great! Apparently baby girl is locked and loaded--and much progress towards delivery has been made! The doctor told me that she could have a February birthday and that's when it got real. I don't have the car seat in the car, I need one more piece of furniture in her bedroom, we have things to hang and paint, I haven't even ordered the pictures for her walls yet. I know that these things don't matter (except the car seat) but I know once she comes it will be much harder to complete these tasks so I'm in a mad dash from here on out!

Looking Forward To: Being a mom! It's totally scary but I'm so excited to meet my little angel. She will be here before I know it! All of this exhaustion and uncomfortable-ness has been for her so I  would like to see the fruits of my labors (literally). I'm also excited to see Forrest as a dad--I know he is going to be amazing! 
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