Friday, March 13, 2015

Lack of Bump Update

I wish I could say I miss carrying around my giant bump and swollen body, but I must admit I don't. I did feel strange for several days because I couldn't feel the baby moving in me and in the hospital I even started to tell my mom that I hadn't felt Charlotte in a while before I caught myself and remembered she was in the crib. That goes away quickly because you have too much else to worry about! I had so many questions for my friends after the baby was born about what was going to happen to me and no one remembered super clearly so I"m hoping this may help some of you and who knows, maybe remind myself again in the future. 
 photo 621F5C26-A709-4FE7-AB2C-CE1E94533C56_zpssx8a5beh.jpg

Total Weight Gain: Exactly 40 lbs. I'm kind of glad that I had her early because who knows how high it would have gotten. I haven't weighed myself yet but I have already lost a significant amount. My tummy is much much smaller and not as wiggly as I thought it would be and my bottom and legs are distinctively smaller. I must have been carrying lots of water everywhere!

Maternity Clothes? I'm pretty much wearing pajamas all day long but the few times I have had to leave the house (a funeral and doctors appointments) I've worn my maternity jeans (which I had outgrown by the end, truth be told) and regular sweaters and tops that aren't form fitting. I'm wearing a lot of strappy tank tops for nursing purposes underneath. 

Stretch Marks? Has anyone ever heard of getting stretch marks after delivery? Well that happened to me. I KNOW they weren't there before I had her because I looked every single day but now I have some!! 

Sleep: I still sleep great when I'm asleep. Charlotte is a noisy sleeper so she wakes me sometimes when she isn't awake but over all if she is asleep so am I. 

Food Cravings/Aversions: I never thought I felt much different while pregnant but being un-pregnant has made me see how different my appetite was. I feel totally normal again. I'm not starving nor do I have to worry that I might throw up on someone if I get too hungry. I just eat. And sometimes I get hungry and that's ok! I know I have to keep eating for breastfeeding but now I have far more control. I don't want to eat ice cream in bed at 10:30 pm any more and have more patience to wait for healthy options rather than stuffing my face with whatever is in front of me. 

Symptoms (of not being pregnant): I cried a lot in the evenings for no reason at first. I'm not sure if I was tired or hormonal or what. I don't feel any type of sadness or depression except sometimes I am sad that my pregnancy and the excitement is over. I was upset the other night because labor and delivery was over! To me being pregnant was like being engaged, It was all parties and excitement leading up to the big day. The big day, however, is such a blur, especially when you weren't expecting to have the baby when you did and in the way that you did, and I felt like I wished I had paid more attention and "felt" it a little more. 

Belly Button In or Out? IN! Hooray! I'm hoping it goes all the way back to its former slit like status but beggars cannot be choosers. 

Wedding Rings On or Off? Still off. My hands are not swollen but I think my knuckles are and I have to force them on and that's not worth it to me. My knuckles really hurt when I wake up so I"m not sure what that's about. 

Miss Anything? Knowing that I'm the only one that "knows" Charlotte and having her all to myself! Of course I love having her here but there was something special about it being just the 2 of us for a while. 

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  1. aw sounds like you are transitioning so well and enjoying everything!


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