Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mommy Life

I would of course be lying to say that my life hasn't changed since becoming a mommy. For one thing I'm writing this one handed at 6 am while she tries to fall back asleep on my shoulder. However, as she has grown these 8 weeks I have noticed that as our days become more and more routine, they are also starting to feel a lot like our old life, just with an added bonus of baby. For example, 2 weekends ago we were congratulating ourselves for what felt like a weekend from our BC (before Charlotte) days. We got dressed up and went to the Regency Ball on Friday night.

On Saturday morning I went to Pilates, then Forrest went to lowes and worked in the yard while C and I napped, then I went to church and that evening Forrest played tennis. 
Quick visit to the tennis court (which we can see from our house) to watch daddy play. 

The next day we even had lunch with Forrests family. However, while that seemed to look and feel like a typical weekend of the past, there were things that just simply were impossible to accomplish because we now had a child; namely, we had to miss my cousin's wedding in Atlanta. It was just too hard to take an almost 6 week old breastfed baby into the whirlwind that is a wedding weekend. For one thing the 2 hour drive scared me because she had never been in her car seat that long and then it could have taken much much longer than 2 hours if she had a poopy diaper or wanted to eat. Also, and this is the main issue, she hasn't had her shots I am not ok with her being around lots of people and then I'm really not ok with the thought of an infant at a wedding anyway. No bride wants that ticking time bomb sitting in her ceremony waiting to get hungry or poop or cry for no good reason. And of course, it wouldn't be safe to take her to a noisy reception. I could have left her with Forrest or a sitter in the hotel but since none of the wedding events were in the hotel I would have either had to drive back and forth several times through Atlanta to feed her or if I left her bottles I would have had to pump 2 or three times during the merriment. I just couldn't figure out how all that would come together so we had to opt out and nothing disappointed me more. I hate missing any wedding in general but I was especially down over missing my sweet cousins big day and not getting to share it with my big fat Italian family. It just goes to show that there is give and take in this new life I am  leading. Mommy life requies doing what you can do, or what you need to do, or what you have to do, despite what other things you may want to do. On the flip side, you don't totally have to give up all of your activities or interests so long as you have some helpful people in your corner and a little foresight and planning ability. I hope new mommies or those who are expecting can take a little comfort from this post because most of the stuff you read online is all scary and negative and all "you lose your life when you have a baby."  It may take a while to be able to see it, and some days you may actually not see it at all, but your old life is still there, waiting to be reorganized and rearranged into your wonderful new one. 
She really got the hang of smiling that weekend!! Her smile is the most beautiful sight! There is nothing like it when she looks right at you and smiles. Nothing in the world. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Not to be mistaken with what Charlotte will call my mom (Momsie), Mumsie is a brand of all natural skin care products for pregnant and post partum women. I was contacted by the company to test out their products and review them while I was pregnant. I was SO excited because I have terrible skin and of course during pregnancy I couldn't use any of my super intense washes and creams so I was kind of floundering around in the skin care aisle every months googling ingredients and reviews of "all natural" products that turned out not to be so natural after all. The only problem was that I ended up having Charlotte before the products arrived. No matter, since I'm breastfeeding I still need to stick with an all natural regimen. Enter Mumsie.
I received all 3 of Mumsie's all natural products--the face wash, stretch mark cream, and stretch mark calming oil. I started using the face wash right away and I really love it. It smells great, which is more than I can say about most "all natural" products. My skin was a hot mess after I had Charlotte and I really feel like this product cuts down on the oil, which is my number one facial issue. However, I don't feel like my face is over dried either.
The stretch mark cream is very thick and goes on so smoothly and again smells great. I used cocoa butter lotion during pregnancy and I didn't really enjoy wandering around smelling like melted chocolate ice cream all day, so I wish I had this before. However, I really haven't used this very much since I've already had the baby so I'm going to pass it on to a newly pregnant friend.
I have, however, been using the heck out of the stretch mark relief oil. Somehow I got stretch marks during labor--yes that's the truth. I was shocked to discover them when I came home from the hospital because they were not there when I went to the hospital. Luckily they are hidden by clothes but I'm hopeful that they will go away, even though I kind of view them as battle wounds from pregnancy and labor and feel a weird since of pride about them. The oil is actually oil and so I was worried about it getting in my clothes and staining but it actually absorbs quite quickly but leaves the skin silky smooth. I kind of would like to take a bath in this stuff because it feels so good but I don't have enough for that. I haven't seen results quite yet but I'm hopeful that with continued use, the marks will vanish!
You can find Mumsie at Walmart currently and if you have a store and you would like to carry the products, you can contact them to set something up! I really am enjoying the brand and will most definitely continue to use it while I'm breastfeeding and probably after as well. I really appreciate quality products that use all natural ingredients that do the same job as harsh chemicals. Comment below if you have any questions!
I think the bottles are really cute too!!
*while I did receive the products for free in exchange for a review, the opinions are honest and my own! *

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Post Bump Update, 5 weeks

Remind me never to think I have it all figured out, because that's the time baby karma slaps you right in the face. Let me preface by saying I'm very aware that Charlotte is a very easy baby. I had prepared myself for the absolute worst so anything better than my imagined idea of life with a newborn would seem that much better. That probably sounds loony but it worked in my case. I'm pretty sure the good Lord knew that if my experience with Charlotte was too difficult I most certainly would have been ok with her being an only child. Anyway I digress. I was just telling my mother how I was so excited because I could finally interpret Charlotte's cries. You read all these things that say good moms know what the cries mean and I was now one of them. (Let me add that it's easy to say you know what they mean when the person doing the crying can't talk to prove how wrong you are.) Then I was saying how I figured out how to get her to sleep and it just took a little patience blah blah. Enter a growth spurt or karma spurt. For the past nearly 3 days (or really I have no idea because I have lost concept of time) charlotte has been eating round the clock. Like every two hours. She takes maybe a 45 min nap and hasn't slept over 2 hours at night in a while. She was doing 4 and 5 hour stretches between night time feedings consistently just this last week and into the weekend!! I was so used to her fairly consistent schedule I have been reluctant to go back to that brand new newborn routine of round the clock eating. Who wouldn't be!? She also has been super fussy which is hard for me because she usually is so chill and she has been difficult to get to go down to sleep which is exhausting. Oh did I mention she will only go to sleep while being held, usually by me. That's fun at night. To top it all off, the vibrating unit on her pack n play where she sleeps every night literally melted. This is probably because I had been running it all the time but it's designed to do that so its not my fault. Since the bed is not vibrating she really doesn't like to sleep in it for long. I called the company to ask for a replacement part and they kindly offered to ship me one except it would be 6-8 weeks because it is on back order. Um, no. She will have outgrown the thing by then and I will most likely be a basket case. I told the lady that wouldn't work and so she offered a new pack n play. Yes! I accept!! The catch was I had to send the old one back first...again these people must not realize they sell baby products because what mother calling about her child's bed would do that? At that exact moment charlotte woke up and started screaming and I had to tell the lady no thank you and hang up. I guess she heard desperation because she called back saying she found a unit and would ship it to me second day air. Graco for the win!! Hopefully this little spurt will pass and my chunky monkey will go back to her usual charing self. 
Yes you read that right, I said chunky monkey. The little lady who had to go in the hospital for jaundice because she was on a hunger strike is now over 10 pounds! She gained 25 ounces in 11 days!! She was in the 50 percentile for weight and 75 percentile for height at her one month check up last week. Hooray! 
At my appointment I had lost 20 pounds but that means I have 20 to go. I was cleared to work out but don't have time for the gym quite yet so on nice days I've been taking charlotte for a long stroll. I haven't lost much more though because our fantastic friends have brought food every other night since she came home from the hospital. I'm most definitely not complaining about this in the least. As are more than grateful!!  I've feasted with reckless abandon and only feel a teensy bit bad about it. After easter I think I will tighten that up too since I will be cooking for us again. The only other interesting thing I'd like to remember for the future is that the line down my belly is starting to fade from the outside in, meaning areas covered by a bikini are now gone but it's loud and proud still down my tummy. That's opposite of what I would like but I'm really just glad it's going away. Also my rings still are tight some days and that's annoying. Oh and at first my eyes seemed messed up but that's gone now too. It's a crazy ride, this mom business, but it's so much fun. My mom keeps telling me to chill and not worry about figuring everything out because the minute I do, it will change. Nothing has been further from the truth this week note to self: listen to your mother!! 

Here is her one month picture!
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