Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mommy Life

I would of course be lying to say that my life hasn't changed since becoming a mommy. For one thing I'm writing this one handed at 6 am while she tries to fall back asleep on my shoulder. However, as she has grown these 8 weeks I have noticed that as our days become more and more routine, they are also starting to feel a lot like our old life, just with an added bonus of baby. For example, 2 weekends ago we were congratulating ourselves for what felt like a weekend from our BC (before Charlotte) days. We got dressed up and went to the Regency Ball on Friday night.

On Saturday morning I went to Pilates, then Forrest went to lowes and worked in the yard while C and I napped, then I went to church and that evening Forrest played tennis. 
Quick visit to the tennis court (which we can see from our house) to watch daddy play. 

The next day we even had lunch with Forrests family. However, while that seemed to look and feel like a typical weekend of the past, there were things that just simply were impossible to accomplish because we now had a child; namely, we had to miss my cousin's wedding in Atlanta. It was just too hard to take an almost 6 week old breastfed baby into the whirlwind that is a wedding weekend. For one thing the 2 hour drive scared me because she had never been in her car seat that long and then it could have taken much much longer than 2 hours if she had a poopy diaper or wanted to eat. Also, and this is the main issue, she hasn't had her shots I am not ok with her being around lots of people and then I'm really not ok with the thought of an infant at a wedding anyway. No bride wants that ticking time bomb sitting in her ceremony waiting to get hungry or poop or cry for no good reason. And of course, it wouldn't be safe to take her to a noisy reception. I could have left her with Forrest or a sitter in the hotel but since none of the wedding events were in the hotel I would have either had to drive back and forth several times through Atlanta to feed her or if I left her bottles I would have had to pump 2 or three times during the merriment. I just couldn't figure out how all that would come together so we had to opt out and nothing disappointed me more. I hate missing any wedding in general but I was especially down over missing my sweet cousins big day and not getting to share it with my big fat Italian family. It just goes to show that there is give and take in this new life I am  leading. Mommy life requies doing what you can do, or what you need to do, or what you have to do, despite what other things you may want to do. On the flip side, you don't totally have to give up all of your activities or interests so long as you have some helpful people in your corner and a little foresight and planning ability. I hope new mommies or those who are expecting can take a little comfort from this post because most of the stuff you read online is all scary and negative and all "you lose your life when you have a baby."  It may take a while to be able to see it, and some days you may actually not see it at all, but your old life is still there, waiting to be reorganized and rearranged into your wonderful new one. 
She really got the hang of smiling that weekend!! Her smile is the most beautiful sight! There is nothing like it when she looks right at you and smiles. Nothing in the world. 

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