Saturday, April 4, 2015


Not to be mistaken with what Charlotte will call my mom (Momsie), Mumsie is a brand of all natural skin care products for pregnant and post partum women. I was contacted by the company to test out their products and review them while I was pregnant. I was SO excited because I have terrible skin and of course during pregnancy I couldn't use any of my super intense washes and creams so I was kind of floundering around in the skin care aisle every months googling ingredients and reviews of "all natural" products that turned out not to be so natural after all. The only problem was that I ended up having Charlotte before the products arrived. No matter, since I'm breastfeeding I still need to stick with an all natural regimen. Enter Mumsie.
I received all 3 of Mumsie's all natural products--the face wash, stretch mark cream, and stretch mark calming oil. I started using the face wash right away and I really love it. It smells great, which is more than I can say about most "all natural" products. My skin was a hot mess after I had Charlotte and I really feel like this product cuts down on the oil, which is my number one facial issue. However, I don't feel like my face is over dried either.
The stretch mark cream is very thick and goes on so smoothly and again smells great. I used cocoa butter lotion during pregnancy and I didn't really enjoy wandering around smelling like melted chocolate ice cream all day, so I wish I had this before. However, I really haven't used this very much since I've already had the baby so I'm going to pass it on to a newly pregnant friend.
I have, however, been using the heck out of the stretch mark relief oil. Somehow I got stretch marks during labor--yes that's the truth. I was shocked to discover them when I came home from the hospital because they were not there when I went to the hospital. Luckily they are hidden by clothes but I'm hopeful that they will go away, even though I kind of view them as battle wounds from pregnancy and labor and feel a weird since of pride about them. The oil is actually oil and so I was worried about it getting in my clothes and staining but it actually absorbs quite quickly but leaves the skin silky smooth. I kind of would like to take a bath in this stuff because it feels so good but I don't have enough for that. I haven't seen results quite yet but I'm hopeful that with continued use, the marks will vanish!
You can find Mumsie at Walmart currently and if you have a store and you would like to carry the products, you can contact them to set something up! I really am enjoying the brand and will most definitely continue to use it while I'm breastfeeding and probably after as well. I really appreciate quality products that use all natural ingredients that do the same job as harsh chemicals. Comment below if you have any questions!
I think the bottles are really cute too!!
*while I did receive the products for free in exchange for a review, the opinions are honest and my own! *

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  1. I use the mumsie stretch relief cream and oil... I'm so in love with them both and it's even better that they're all natural! Did you use any nipple cream while breastfeeding? I've been trying to find one that's all natural and am kind of sad that mumsie doesn't have one in their line :-(


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