Saturday, May 2, 2015

2 months

My sweet little one is 2 months old and has changed so much. On one hand I can't wait to watch her learn new things and develop new skills but I'm also going to miss the teeny baby days! 

At her check up at 9 weeks she weighed 12 lb 8 oz which is exactly 6 pounds more than her birth weight. That's right, 6 pounds in 9 weeks---bonus points if you remember that she got down to 5 lb 12 oz at first. The doctors are so proud of how she is packing on the poundage and I'm loving her squishy little baby rolls!! 

Can you even?? 

She also had grown 2 whole inches since birth and is now 22.5 and in the 50 percentile. Her weight was 75th! She was no fan of the shots and screamed so much when we got home I got my mom to leave work and help me. Charlotte is not a screamer and I was so worried. I honestly don't know how people without help close by manage. You guys are rock stars in my eyes. I'm so lucky to have family near by that can come at a moments notice and I most definitely take full advantage. 
As for her "baby skills", she has mastered smiling and is really working on cooing. Sometimes, usually in the evenings, she gets on a roll and just oooos and Ahhhhs at us. I can't wait for her to start laughing!! She is also very good at holding her head up and her daddy is convinced she is ready to roll over but I think we are a short way off from that yet. She still loves looking at lights and bright patterns and is happiest on the play may or her swing.

 She sleeps typically from 11-3, then to 6 and then to 8 or 9. She does not care to be woken up, much like me, so for now I'm just letting her sleep when she wants. So far it hasn't affected her night time routine but I will encourage her awake if she's taking a really long nap late in the evening. She still gets mad when you pull clothes over her head but over all she is a very content little lady, although she usually has a fussy spell around 9 pm that requires a lot of snuggles and food and visits to the swing. 
As for me, I've still got a few baby pounds to shed and I'm mourning my pre baby stomach. I am starting to work out more and more so hopefully I can tune everything back up but at the same time I'm trying to be realistic and manage expectations. I know I might never fit into my old clothes in the same way again especially if my hips have widened so I'm trying to be ok with that since there really isn't much to be done. The body changes were definitely my biggest challenge while pregnant and I might be more worked up about them now since I want everything to just go back to normal but I suppose I will get over it. A little retail therapy should hopefully do the trick! My stretch marks are still there although the line down my belly is continuously fading. I have also started back to work part time and it is going really well. Charlotte has the best nanny, Rachel, who I have known my whole life. Forrest also is able to keep her 3 mornings a week when he starts his day at noon so I know when she isn't with me she is getting the best care. I love being able to get out for a bit, put on my work clothes (those that I can currently squeeze into that is) and do something different for a little while. Getting out also let's me do errands that I otherwise would neglect of I was home all day as I do quite enjoy laying around in my pajamas with my snuggly baby. I have been trying to cook more too! I used to cook so often but I lost the energy and desire to do so while pregnant. Thank goodness for the freezer meal workshop I went to about a month before Charlotte was born! We have had some wonderful meals that were already prepped because of it which were kind of my gateway meals into cooking again. I also  tried a new healthy recipe last night that made me anxious to cook more and more. I spend a lot of time online now when she is napping on me or when she is eating at night so I've been able to find lots of new meals to try (and I probably buy something from Amazon every day too...)
Baked organic veggies and chicken sausage--healthy and delicious! 

Whew well that was a lot of info in one post! Thanks for checking in on us!! We are still here, despite the lack of frequent posts, and doing just fine! 

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