Monday, May 4, 2015

Baby Must Haves

Every baby is different and every mom has their own opinions but I thought I would share with you my list of baby must haves according to Charlotte. 

1.  Diapers--duh, but you need so so so many more than you think. Like 10 a day. Seriously. The annoying thing is you don't know what size your baby will need when born or how fast they will grow out of each size. Charlotte is already in size 2 and has been for several weeks. 

2. Baby nail clippers--Charlotte's nails grow quickly and those suckers are sharp!! She constantly swipes at her face so I try to give her a mani every other day. It's hard but it's better than her scratching her face. And she throws those little mittens off immediately so they are no help. 

3. Musical play mat with blinky lights
Charlotte loves looking at lights so her fisher price snuggabunny play mat has been perfect. At first she would just watch the lights but she is really starting to track the birds on the mobile as they go around and we have hung some of the toys from the mobile so she can seat at them as they move. It also comes with a mirror and boy does she like to stare at herself! 
I will be giving this as a baby shower gift for years to come after the success we have had with it. 

4. Swing 
We have the matching snuggabunny swing, which I actually found at the service guild rummage sale in perfect condition for $20. It is a life saver. When baby c gets the night time fusses we strap her in and let it soar. She loves it and it seems to calm her down. I have never had to get her out because she's gotten "over it" like she does with the mamaroo. Plus it has songs, the same bird mobile as the play mat, and a mirror for her to look at. 

5. Night light 
You are going to have to get up at night with a baby that's just all there is to it. It's someone quite protective of their sleep I try to be the least amount of awake needed to function and turns out that amount isn't very high when feeding and changing a baby at 3 am. However the best way to wake yourself is is to turn on the lights. Therefore, I have these great night lights plugged in that automatically turn on when it gets dark. You definitely do need some light on to change a diaper and you by no means want to be wandering around in the darkness while carrying a baby and these provide enough light for you to do what you need to do but not enough to make your body want to wake up. 

6. Something portable for baby to sleep in/play in
Sometimes you need to get stuff done, plain and simple. However sometimes you cannot do said things while holding a baby. We have the snuggabunny bouncy seat (yes we have the whole line including the rock n play) and it is perfect for carrying around the house. It has music and the same little birdies only this time they bounce. It's also fabulous because it vibrates and she loves vibrations when she sleeps. I like this seat because she can be entertained in it and fall asleep in it too. She can sleep quite comfortably in it so I don't have to worry about moving her. 
She fell asleep in it while I was making banana bread--I guess my reading of the recipe and overly dramatic mixing of ingredients was just too much. 

It's also light enough to be picked up while baby is sleeping and moved to a different room. See? 
After getting the bread in the oven we moved to the den so brownie and I could catch up on some dancing with the stars. We actually just ordered a moby wrap and borrowed a baby bjorn from a friend so we will see how those help in portability as she gets more and more able to go places. 
What is this contraption daddy?? 

7. 100 burp cloths 
We go through so many of these a day, not necessarily because they get burped on. We leave them in different rooms, lose them under the covers in our bed, drop them on the floor, etc. Just make sure to have plenty on hand, and that should be easy because people like to give cute ones as shower gifts! 

8. Baby sized hangers
How can you hang your tiny baby clothes without tiny baby hangers? You can't. Also spring fur several storage containers, boxes, etc. there is so much stuff and it will be overwhelming if you don't get yourself organized. 

9. Amazon prime (seriously) 
I'm not getting paid to promote prime at all but I don't think I would have survived thus far without the lifesaver that is 2 day shipping. I have no desire to run to Walmart or lowes or hobby lobby every day let alone take a newborn with me, but babies require stuff and that stuff must be purchased. Anything I needed that wasn't an immediate necessity was ordered and delivered in 2 days right to my doorstep. Easy peasy. 

I'm sure there are more but these are the main ones we can't currently live without! What are your must haves??? 

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