Monday, May 11, 2015

My first Mother's Day

Mother's Day of course took on new meaning for me this year and I must admit it was the most wonderful weekend! I kicked the weekend off right on Friday night by hosting a Moms Gone Wild party for my mom and her friends at my house. When I thought about what my mom needed for Mother's Day realized that the best thing to give her was a night off. She has been through so much this year. First a pipe burst in her house, requiring my parents to live in a hotel for 3 weeks. Not long after that I had Charlotte and she came to stay with me. Then my sister moved. My brother got engaged. There were showers and parties and weddings that she was a part of. Plus she teaches AP chemistry and is the SGA sponsor at her school. Needless to say she needed a time to unwind so I made it happen. I have relied on my mother so much over the years but never as much as I do now. Mom is always there to calm me down, come over at a moments notice, or offer her assistance without being asked. Becoming a mother really highlights the sacrifices that she made for us. I mean you recognize that being a mother is hard but you don't really "get" it until you are one yourself. I honestly don't know what I would do without my mom these days. She is an invaluable component of the village we have assembled to help raise our child. What is the most incredible thing to me is that she didn't have her mom near by when raising the three of us. I really don't know how people that live away from family manage it. I know I am beyond blessed to have her here and willing to help! She is the best mom to me and momsie to Charlotte so we wanted to celebrate her!!

Fun centerpiece for a great group of fun moms!

On Saturday Charlotte was so clingy and needy. Poor thing just wanted her mama. While that gets very tedious I also secretly kind of love that sometimes I'm the only person that can make her happy. True to form, Mom came to give Forrest and I a little break so we were able to go hang out with some and listen to Jay play for a while. That night, I assume since it was Mother's Day and she knew it, Charlotte gave me 7 straight hours of sleep!! She has never done that before so I woke up in a panic but I was so proud of her! I doubt it will become a habit quickly but I'm glad to know she can do it! On the other hand that makes me sad because it means she is growing up! 
I have to admit that my first Mother's Day is a day I will cherish forever. There was just a feeling of pride and joy that I don't think can ever be recreated. I was so proud of myself for growing this sweet baby, for pushing her out of my body, and catering to her every need for 11 weeks now. I was also just so joyful that I have been able to experience this gift of motherhood. Every day is new with Charlotte and I love being able to see the world through her eyes. She has taught me to be selfless, something I am not good at at all, and to live a little bit slower. I've learned that life isn't so black and white all the time; that there are areas of light and shade and that life really requires flexibility and spontaneity. She has taught me that even though I didn't think I had them, my mommy instincts are there and they are strong and that I should always listen to them. She has helped me to see even more than I already did exactly how much I love her daddy and maybe even more so, how much he loves me. We would be so lost without him. Celebrating all of these feelings made Mother's Day truly special. Yes the new purse and bracelet were fantastic and unexpected, brunch at my favorite restaurant was delicious, but I think my favorite part of the day was strolling our girl around our neighborhood, talking, laughing, and just reveling in the fact that we are now parents and what that means for the rest of our lives. I hope every other mother out there felt the same exact way--be proud of yourselves moms!

My precious one!

Momsie and Charlotte

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