Friday, June 19, 2015

Walker wedding weekend

Two weekends ago we had the privilege of being a part of Steve and Brittany's wedding. Forrest and Steve are fraternity brothers and not only were we excited about the couple's wedding but we were also thrilled to spend the weekend with lots of our favorite college friends. Of course we took Charlotte, making it her very first weekend away. I was nervous about the car ride and her behavior at the wedding events but as my mom says life doesn't stop simply because you have a child so we prepared for the unexpected and hit the trail. Luckily she slept all the way there! Our friends Jody and Kristen told us one time that they took their son everywhere with them because they honestly didn't want to go without him. I loved that they said that because we feel the same way.  If it is safe and prudent we want to experience life with Charlotte so she is going with us as much as possible.

The rehearsal dinner was at sweet water brewery which was not only a really cool venue but also an appropriate one for a group of fraternity brothers from Alabama. It was great to catch up with old friends and to introduce them to our new love! The guys were all so cute as they talked baby talk to her and passed her around.

Little Miss C was wide eyed the whole time and LOVED being at the party. She is a party girl at heart--never wants to miss a thing!

On Saturday we went to visit my friend Deborah and her little girl Kaylee who is a year older than Charlotte. I hadn't seen Deborah in months and it was the first time she was meeting C. I loved seeing them but I really really enjoyed seeing little Kaylee and all she could do. The last time I saw her she was 10 days old!! I couldn't believe how much she had changed. Seeing her also made me excited for all the developments Charlotte will make over the next year.

Taking photos of a 3 month old and a 14 month old is next to impossible!

 After a good visit and a hilarious photo shoot we went to the buckhead diner for lunch before going back to the hotel for naps (all of us) and to get ready for the wedding. My brother and his fiancĂ© came to the hotel to stay with C while we were downstairs at the wedding. I know I just said I wanted to go everywhere with her but I didn't think a 3 month old would be a prudent addition to their ceremony and the seated dinner reception would definitely surpass her bed time. I just went upstairs to feed her when it was time and we had no issues!

Singing college fight songs with Uncle Roy

The wedding was the first Jewish ceremony that I had attended and it was quite beautiful. I loved the old prayers and traditions. The reception was quite over the top and fabulous, with a band called Simply Irreparable that played dance number after dance number and kept the crowd on the sparkly dance floor all night!

Dinner was steak and lobster--yum yum--and the black and white decor was timeless and modern all at the same time.

It's safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the evening! Charlotte actually celebrated by sleeping both nights in the hotel crib for 7 hours straight! Of course she hasn't done it since but it was nice while it lasted!! 

On Sunday we stopped by the farewell brunch to wish the couple well before we headed back home. The weekend was a complete success and we were really proud of ourselves for handling the new challenges that come with traveling with a baby with as much grace as we did. We didn't do it perfectly but we did our best and learned for next time!! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

3 months old

I cannot believe my little one is 3 months old! On one hand it feels like Charlotte has been a part of our lives forever and on the other it seems like we brought her home last week. I know everyone says that but there is a reason and the reason is that it actually feels that way. So there. Charlotte has changed so much since last month! She tracks moving objects with her eyes and head and loves swatting at toys dangling from her play mat. She also will look at her hands and fingers, trying to figure them out. She is also a pro and getting her fist to her mouth but hasn't quite figured out sucking her thumb. She also is full of smiles and will smile when one of us comes home. Let me tell you, nothing warms your heart more than knowing that your baby knows who you are and is happy to see you.

She also just started laughing! Forrest was holding her over him like an airplane and she just giggled away! She laughed last week at my mom but this was the first time she laughed at us. 
She is very interested in colored pictures so she likes reading books with us. Sometimes she and Forrest will listen to music and so now she loves to sing and dance with us. She loves the swing still and now she really likes taking walks while in the baby bjorn. At night when she starts to get tired and fussy we give her a warm bath and get her ready to sleep. She loves the bath and it always calms her! Thankfully however she has moved away from the night time fussies mostly but we still follow this routine so she knows it's time for her long sleep. 

She is still a good sleeper and since she has outgrown the napper on her pack n play she transitioned this week to the flat part of the pack n play. I wanted her to be in the crib in her room but I ended up watching her on the monitor til 3 am the first night so I decided I needed to take one step at the time. She is obviously a great eater. Because of this, she weighs about 14 pounds! She also is in 3-6 month clothes and is about to need a size 3 diaper. 
Staring at her hand while being too big for this 3 month outfit. 

Her eyes are still the most beautiful blue and her hair is still a strawberry blonde. It's growing slowly but surely! She is able to grab toys but she shows no interest in rolling over, probably because she has so much heft to roll. She is mimicking some sounds and will stick her tounge out at you if you do it first and she opens her hands when you wave at her. She also holds her head up pretty much on her own all the time now. I think she needs a couple more weeks and she will have it fully controlled. We have taken her to church several times and she is always very good. You can tell she likes the music and stained glass windows. She has also been to the lake and visited her mimi and granddaddy in Birmingham. She loved both, although she was not a fan of her baby pool because the water wasn't up to her temperature standards, bless her spoiled heart.

As for me I'm doing great. I'm still working part time and that's going well although sometimes I feel like I'm running around crazy. I've also noticed that people have little patience for a nursing mother and expect you to just jump right back into the same old routine (not my office, obviously). Unfortunately that has been difficult for me to wade through personally because I don't want to seem like a slacker but I'm also committed to nursing. I enjoy being able to do my job and also spend a lot of time with Charlotte at home but in a male dominated profession it's hard not to feel like no one cares that even though you aren't pregnant, you are still nourishing a child. I'm sure I will find the right balance because I am determined to do both and to do both well. Charlotte is starting to notice when I am not home and responds by not napping, which is no good! Hopefully she will not develop much more separation anxiety than this! I have also started working out with my friend Abbie who is a personal trainer to get my body back to normal. It will never be the same but it feels good to start wearing my regular clothes (although tops are too tight in the chest and bottoms are still a little tight in the hips).  I I have found that my milk supply suffers if I diet too much or fall below a certain weight so I just try to manage my portions and eat as healthy as possible. Her weight gain is more important than my weight loss at this point. She gets an upset tummy if I eat too many green veggies so I can't eat salads all the time like I used to (but she never has trouble when I eat ice cream). Working out though has helped to tighten everything up though and so I hope to continue to do it for a while. 

Wow, that was a lot. But I don't want to forget anything about these times and I know that I will so I have to write it! What I will remember is how much fun we are having and how much love we feel for our little girl. It's a crazy, all encompassing, completely unselfish love that I hope everyone gets to experience in one way or another, because there is truly nothing like it.

Other fun things from the month: 

C visited her auntie m in Chattanooga and went to a restaurant for the first time.

Charlotte had her first modeling gig! She modeled pajamas for Blossom Blanks.  (I took this with my phone.)

C was excited to attend her first gender reveal party and to learn that she is getting a best girl friend in October. Congrats Jay and Claire!

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