Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4 months

There is so much I want to remember about Charlotte at this age. She REALLY has gained some new tricks in the past week. It's like one day she can't do something and then all of a sudden she can the next. It's so fascinating to watch her develop! In the past week she has decided she will ONLY sleep on her stomach (necessitating a few nights of sleeping on me and the installation of the Angle Care movement monitor). How she knew she liked sleeping on her stomach is beyond me as she never had before. On her stomach she can scoot around all over the bed (resulting in one false alarm when she got off of the monitor and two terrified parents), lift her head at a 90 degree angle, and do a mini push up. She also has learned to roll over both ways. She still gets stuck on occasion though!

She also is pulling up with her back and wants to sit up by herself. 

She is not content to lay down any longer. She also really wants to stand so she has been playing in her jumparoo and in the exersaucer. 

She is talking up a storm--all day long. We think she is saying "Hi" to us when we say it to her and she waves when we wave to her most of the time. She kind of opens and closes her fist--too cute. I just LOVE to hear her jabber away! Every other day or so she adds a new consonant to her babbling. This week we have been hearing "k" and the occasional "d". She loves to have a "conversation" with you and sometimes she will "sing" if you sing to her. 

We read to her every day and lately she has been reaching out and touching the pages. She even turns them for you! She is fascinated by letters, but I'm sure she just likes the contrast and patterns made by the letters on the white page. She also will touch the letters on your tshirt while you are holding her. Speaking of holding her, when she is tired and or fussy she wants to be held close to you upright on your shoulder. We keep the fussies away by sticking to her night time routine--Bath, then quiet time while getting dressed and lotioned, and her dinner. 

Sometimes she will fight sleep (she has done that her whole life) and will want to be held and walked around for a while but she mostly has been going to sleep pretty quickly after being fed. The whole "carry me until I fall asleep" thing is kind of annoying but I kind of love it. She gets really quiet and still and just stares until eventually I can tell her little body gives in and falls fast asleep. I like to think she likes this because it feels like it did when she lived in my belly and my walking would lull her to sleep. I'm sure people are thinking how miserable this sounds but it's really sweet. I like to walk figure eights through the house with the lights out and I check her eyes in a mirror on every lap. It usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes and she is out. This is actually getting harder though because she is getting so heavy. Have you ever carried a bowling ball around your house for 20 minutes? It's like that. The need for this little house tour actually makes since. She needs this on days when she is especially over stimulated which is another thing I used to think was made up but it's true. I mean I do this. No one can just go from wide awake to sleeping; we all need to wind down, watch tv or read or just settle a bit. Also can you go to sleep after being all riled up? I can't. After an exciting movie or football game or party I can't just shut it down and need some time to decompress before I can sleep no matter what time it is. This clearly has been passed onto Charlotte so I can't be upset that she needs some extra help in settling some days.
Also new as of late, she wants to touch everything and put everything in her mouth. Her favorite is her fist of course but she has started bringing toys to her mouth. 

She really isn't a fan of the pacifier but if I'm not there and she is really fussy she will take it for whoever is staying with her. Recently Forrest let her pet Brownie or cat and she loved it. She was pulling at her fur and rubbing her hand on her back until Forrest decided that Brownie might be tired of being loved on so he put her down and picked Charlotte up to take her to wash her hands. Well she lost it. She screamed and cried and would not stop until I found Brownie, who was then hiding in the closet, and let her pet her once again. Now she was tired and hungry and ready for a nap but still--she has learned that she can let us know what she wants. It's also fun to see a little personality coming out in her. She wants to be in the heart of the action and gets so mad when you walk out of her view.  She gets so frustrated when she can't shove something entirely into her mouth, like a book. You can tell if she gets nervous or worried because her head starts searching for mama. If she can see me she usually stays happy and calm. I've been so impressed at her ability to adapt to any place, like a noisy rehearsal dinner or even a baseball game.
At her appointment she weighed 15 lbs and 7 ounces (80%)  and was 24 1/2 inches long (50%). I thought she might do better with the shots this time but it was actually worse than last time during the shots and better than last time at home. She was crabby and her legs were sore but she didn't scream all afternoon like last time.
 We can't wait to see what she will learn next!! 

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