Friday, July 24, 2015

5 months old

U I know I say it every month but I cannot believe that we have had our little Charlotte for 5 months! Time both drags and flies--on one hand I feel like I have always had her and on the other it seems like I blinked and we are here! Again, I know I say that every month! 

She has developed so much in the past month and it is incredible. Nothing is so magical as watching a baby discover new things! She now knows that things aren't "gone" when she can't see them. She has started to look behind her now because she is aware that even though she can't see back there all the time, there are still things to see back there! 
She also has found her toes and is always trying to grab them or eat them! 

She also has learned predictability, which the Wonder Weeks says babies start to develop around 19 weeks. She knows if she drops something on the ground, she can look to where she dropped it and it will be there. When she does this, she looks at me, because she knows now I will pick it up! I fear we will be doing this game for a LONG time! 

Wonder Weeks (my new go to book for all things baby) also says that babies can go through a 4 month sleep regression and we definitely did that. C was learning so much she did not want to sleep--she fought it more than usual and was a complete disaster some nights. She also grew a lot and was hungry all the time so she woke up several times during the night. She has always been a great sleeper so I was in SUCH distress! I was afraid she was starving so we started her on cereal one week ago (one week shy of 5 months) thinking that might make her feel better. She LOVED it! It was so cute to watch her gobble up the food and she learned quickly that if she opened her mouth wide, we would put more in! It did make for a rough few days because we had to find the right cereal and the right time to feed it to her so that her tummy didn't hurt but I think we are getting there. Right now she eats some in the morning and a little at lunch too. 

Physically she has gotten very strong. She is rolling all over the place and reaching and grabbing everything in sight. 

She also can sit up on her own if we place her that way. I really think she likes this because it gives her a new angle from which to see and play. 

She is still talking up a storm, especially right when she wakes up, but no real words yet. I'm not sure how to tell if she is getting close to saying anything back to us yet but I guess she will just do it one day to surprise us! She just started growling too. It's hilarious! 

She still loves reading books and her bath and she really really likes tv. We don't let her sit around with the tv on but we will let her watch Classical Baby on HBO and some DVDs with letters and numbers that are short. 

She also LOVES it when her daddy comes home and will smile and laugh for him more than anyone. It's so sweet. 

Her hair is also finally filling in. She has always has very light blond hair but it was so thin and light you couldn't see it. It's getting thicker and linger now and her head feels like a fuzzy tennis ball! 

We are so looking forward to seeing what all our girl comes up with this next month!

On a sad note, in the past week, I have had a friend to lose a baby and also lost a colleague to cancer. There is nothing like loss to remind you how precious life is. I hope that I can always remember, no matter how tired or frustrated or aggravated I may be at any given time, that every moment we have with Charlotte and our family and friends truly is a gift and that we should treat them as such. I know that's kind of cliche but that doesn't mean it's not true. 

Also, it's my Sonny's birthday! He is 6 years old! He is the happiest boy and brings us so much love and joy! Happy birthday Sonny B!

Always protecting his baby sister 

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