Tuesday, July 7, 2015

6 years in Chicago

Celebrating 6 years that is. For our 6th anniversary Forrest and I really wanted to go somewhere to celebrate. We knew we would be bringing Charlotte so we chose Chicago since it was just a short direct flight away, plus we have some family and friends that live there. People thought we were crazy to travel with a 3 month old but we didn't have her to leave her all the time and since we live to travel we thought we should start early to get her and ourselves used to it. I was terrified about the flight but I did lots of research and got some great advice from friends. Plus my friend Julie reminded me that I would never have to see the other passengers again so if she screamed I should just say "I'm sorry" and not worry about it because really I couldn't control very much. I liked that. I have to brag on myself because we were able to fly using only carry on luggage. Southwest makes it so easy to travel with a baby and since we always fly southwest for free with our points we were thrilled to find that they were so baby friendly. Charlotte was wonderful on the flight thankfully!! 
Not too sure about it but quite content. 

We used our hotel points to stay for free at the Waldorf Astoria. It was gorgeous and so luxurious! I rented a swing for Charlotte from babies away and it was waiting on us when we arrived. That was one of the best decisions I made for the trip! 

After room service and a nap for c went took a cab to the First Lady of Chicago architecture cruise
Also not sure about the cab..

It was freezing but I really enjoyed seeing all of the magnificent buildings! 
C was less than impressed by the architecture but we loved it. 
Next we strolled down to millennium park to see the giant silver bean and took touristy pictures...

We had dinner at Gibsons with our friends Carly and Adam. It was right by our hotel so even though it was chilly we walked had a nice stroll.
Mom where are we and why is it cold in June?

The following day was our anniversary and to celebrate Forrest took us to the Drake hotel for tea. The staff was so enchanted with c they brought her a bear from the gift shop! 

I don't like sharing my stroller mom..

That evening we met up with my cousins for Chicago style pizza and they surprised us with an anniversary cannoli cake! 

On Saturday we had brunch with Adam and Carly and we got to see their darling house. The even took us strolling on the bloomingdale trail.

That being we met my cousins Carol and Lisa at the cubs game. I am really not a huge baseball fan but the game was so much fun! It rained so we left early but it was a cool experience to be in Wrigley field.

The next morning we left pretty early. But it was nice to go ahead and get home. It was definitely a slower paced trip than we are used to taking but we wouldn't have liked to go without Charlotte so we had to change our ways. It was actually nice to rest during the day and have some down time with her. It was a trip we will never forget just for the simple fact that it was our girl's first.

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