Monday, July 27, 2015

Beach baby

Charlotte went to the beach for the first time this summer!! She was there for over a week and was going through her 4 month sleep regression so it was not exactly the trip I imagined but we had a relaxing time nonetheless. We actually started the weekend off in mobile because Forrest was playing in the state tennis tournament. My mom came with us to help with c and she was so very needed as c threw a giant fit in the car for the last couple of hours. She apparently doesn't like being in the car in the dark and my interior light bulbs just happened to be blown! It was awful!! 

The opposite of this...

It was raining basically the whole time in Mobile so we really didn't do much and Forrest ended up having to reschedule his matches for the evening when it wasn't raining so we didn't get to go to dinner or anything like that with the rest of the group. We did get to visit my sweet friend Laney and her new baby Margaret who is exactly 2 months younger than c. 

And despite the weather, Forrest and his team won the tournament! 
Forrest went home to work while Mom and I took c to the beach and Rachel came to spend a few days with us too. We introduced c to the ocean which she loved and the pool which she tolerated. 

On Wednesday Rachel left and my dad and Forrest came. 

On Thursday my sister and her bf and my brother and his fiancĂ© came as well as my cousins Stevie and his wife Melissa and Andrew and his gf Ashley. It was so much fun to have everyone together!! 

Before dinner, which I didn't get to go to because c was a hot mess...

Forrest and I were thrilled to have c at the beach. Next year is going to be a blast with her!! 

We spent a lovely 4th of July there and I decided c needed to do a photo shoot with her cute outfits I brought. She was less enthused...

We got up and left early the next day which turned out to be the best idea. C did great on the ride home thankfully!! I can't wait until the next time we get to take her. It was quite the adventure and nothing like our usual beach trips of course but it made me realize that every year the beach will be a new experience. Next year she will be walking, the year after that who knows!! 

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