Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Father's Day

Forrest and I started dating in high school and since we were so young I can't honestly say I thought about what he would be like as a father way back then. Fast forward 13 years later and I have to say he is the most perfect daddy there is.

 When I was pregnant he was so involved an attentive. If he couldn't grow the baby himself he was going to make sure I was eating right and feeling great. When we found out c was a girl he was beyond thrilled even though I was nervous he might be disappointed. He dove head first into this sparkly world of bows and pink and glitter and is so sweet to let me go all out girly with her. When we was born he was so enraptured with her I hardly got to hold her and I never even changed her diaper til almost a week later.

When she went back in the hospital he never left her side or stopped holding her little hand.
Now she will smile the biggest smile when he comes home and she saves her biggest laughs for him.

She loves their special reading time and walking with him in the yard. 

I love hearing him talk to her and one of my favorite things to do now is sit with him and talk about the fun things he wants to introduce her to one day. He deserves all the presents in the world for being the wonderful husband and father that he is. I can't wait to see Charlotte turn into daddy's little girl and I know he will just melt. 

We love you Daddy!!


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