Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Physical therapy

The day after Charlotte was born the pediatrician told us she "favored her neck on one side" meaning she tilted her head to her left. This is called torticollis.

 It wasn't a big deal and was probably due to the way she grew inside me but he wanted us to watch it. It got better but by her 4 month check up it wasn't completely straight so we were referred to a baby orthopedist at children's hospital. Charlotte was a perfect angel at her appointment and all of the nurses told her how pretty she was and they loved her blue eyes! 
Not tilting at all in the waiting room of course... 

The doctor was actually impressed with her physical abilities and said she was advanced for her age in her sitting and pushing up capabilities so her neck issue was not hindering her development. Hooray!

 She then referred us to a physical therapist at home for regular therapy. We started going to physical therapy every other week in Gadsden with Barb, Charlotte's wonderful therapist. Barb truly was a joy to work with and a blessing to us. C was not always thrilled with therapy and whined a lot but Barb was so patient and unfazed by Charlotte's behavior. She was very encouraging and made the process very easy for me to understand. Most therapy involved Charlotte playing with toys and Barb trying to make her turn her neck to see them. We worked at home as well and I also had to stretch her neck when I nursed her. 
This is therapy! Looking down to her left. 

Every now and then, if she was tired or not feeling well, her neck would lean again but for the most part she straightened right up with the help of therapy very quickly. We went to her last appointment last week! We still will continue stretching and manipulating her play so that she turns her head the opposite way as often as possible but for the most part she doesn't really need to do anything else. 
Straight straight straight! 

We are so lucky that we had not only a great physical therapist but also pediatricians who stayed on top of her progress and didn't wait until the therapy process could have been harder or longer. Thanks guys! 

Never under estimate the power of a little head tilt for maximizing cuteness...


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