Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Where Charlotte went

Before I had Charlotte I liked doing a post on Mondays about what we had done over the weekend as kind of a fun little diary. Now of course I'm lucky if I post once a month. Between work, being a mom, and everything else my poor blog is often neglected but I don't want to forget a single thing so I'm trying extra hard to record as much as I can. This month we tried to take Charlotte out for a little fun as often as we could. She is very curious so she usually does great when we are out so long as she gets fed on time! I know she learns so much just by seeing new places and things so even though it's difficult sometimes we try to let her experience as much as possible. 
She loves to go to my office and visit Pop and all the ladies. Here she is with my dads secretary Cathie. She really liked the computer screen. This month she also visited the courthouse! 

She has only been to a restaurant twice that I can remember but this past month we took her to Local Joes marina and are be outside. She already loves being outside so she was very happy but she also liked seeing all the people walk by. Her favorite was watching the ducks swimming. 

Charlotte isn't a regular at church yet simply because she is sometimes napping at that time. However she is quite the hit when she does go and gets passed around and loved on by so many sweet people. On this particular day she was extra sweet in her sailor dress and even tried to sing with the music. She loves all the songs and looking at the stain glass. 

We also took her Chattanooga again this month to visit auntie m and to celebrate momsie and pops anniversary. She slept through most of brunch but woke up long enough to take some sweet pictures. 
She was also delighted to find a friend in my sisters dog Georgia, who let her pet and pull on her ears and was so gentle and loving. 

Here are a few cute pictures from her visit to the habitat for humanity dragon boat race. She loved visiting the bar association tent and cheering on the law-yoars team and helping her pop grill hotdogs. 
We also attended a bridal shower for my soon to be sister in law ann in Atlanta. She really did great although she decided to take a nap during the gift opening. I especially enjoyed meeting Anns sisters and other bridesmaids and now we can't wait for the wedding! After the shower the bridesmaids went to the Luke Bryan concert Anns bachelorette party and so my mom stayed with Charlotte in the hotel, since Forrest was with my brother on his bachelor party in myrtle beach. It was Charlotte's first girls weekend and she love it! 
That seems like a big month for a little girl!! 

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