Monday, September 7, 2015

6 months of Charlotte

Half a year...that's how long we have had our girl!! She is the sweetest little lady and watching her grow and develop is a truly amazing experience. It seems like every week she has a new trick! 

One week she discovered how to growl. This week she has started crinkling up her nose and making a "stink face". 

It's funny to see her test what her little body can do! She is super strong and likes when you pull her from a laying to a standing position. She will straighten out her legs while laying down in preparation! She  is very steady when sitting now and is trying very hard to push herself from a laying to seated position but can only get up on one elbow on her side. 

She really likes jumping in the jump jump and driving her "car" because she can stand up. 

In the walker she  can push herself backwards and one day she went forward! 

She has all of the "moves" to crawl but hasn't put them together yet. She also started passing toys between hands this month with is fun to watch especially when she gets fixated on her hands during the process. She also gets distracted by her feet quite often! 

Forrest likes to play like she is a claw in one of those win a prize machines at malls. He will hold her out over several toys and let her down to see if he "wins" when she pils one up.  We love to hear her jabber, especially when she wakes up in the mornings, but no mama or dada 
yet! She slept pretty well this month (as opposed to month 4-5 which was a horrendous nightmare) although she will still fight sleeping sometimes. We put her in the stroller at 11pm a couple of nights and walked around our circle and both times she was out before we got out of the driveway. Poor girl hates to miss a party! She eats baby food a few times a day (around 4-5 ounces). Her very favorite is sweet potatoes but she will eat carrots, apples, and occasionally peas. We stopped all cereal because it messed up her belly, as do bananas! 

Her favorite book is still the alpha prints abc book and she also loves her Jane Austen counting book and we will sometimes let her watch her preschool prep DVD (she likes the dancing letters) and a cute little show on HBO called classical baby, the poetry show. 

Her favorite friend is Sonny and the love playing together. He lets her pet his nose and face and is so gentle with her. We have to watch her because she tries to get out of whatever she is in to get to him. She will laugh and squeal when he plays with her and it is the most precious thing to watch! 

At her check up she was 17 lb and one ounce (75%) and was 27 inches long(90%). She was really brave during her shots and only cried a little bit and was happy as a clam once we got home. 

It's hard to believe that our teeny little newborn has turned into such an independent little baby. Soon she will be moving and talking and getting into everything. I love this sweet baby stage but am so excited to see what her future holds. 

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