Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Charlotte's nursery tour

As soon as I found out I was expecting I started looking for inspiration for the nursery. When I found out I was having a girl I went back and forth about the colors (pink or purple) and actually was kind of late in starting it. I didn't go shopping until the first weekend of January, and she was born February 24! I was very lucky in that my friend kelly had used the exact crib that I wanted and she was willing to let me use it. I also already had a dresser that has been in my dads nursery years ago, but that was about it. Also, Forrest's parents had an extra glider and armoire that they let us have. I added a wicker table that had been at my sisters house in college and bam--a nursery!! I ended up settling on a peachy pink after I couldn't some gorgeous satin for next to nothing at the fabric store and my aunt Fran who is an interior designer took it from there in finding paint colors and coordinating fabrics. 
Wide angle. The rug is super fluffy and clearly ruffles loves it. The light fixture wa an antique salvaged by my aunt and made to fit the room height by our friend chip. 

I absolutely love her crib. I had the bow and skirt made from the fabric I found and we surprisingly found a similar color gauzy fabric to make the canopy. Forrest found the crown on eBay for a steal and i ordered her initials from etsy. I have extra fabric so we can repurpose the skirt into a full size bed skirt or even coverlet when she moves into a big girl bed. 

Aren't these sweet?? I found the prints on etsy and had them framed in town. 

No little girls room is complete without a tea party!! Sweet Beryl, who made the bedding, gave Charlotte her very first tea set. 

  3 month old Charlotte says hi! This is our nursing corner. The sweet day gowns hung on the shelf were hand smocked my Forrest's grandmother for him and the halo was mine from my first communion. I love having special little things in any room. 

This area is still unfinished. I have her new born photos to hang above my dad's old dresser but I haven't found the right frames. I was able to find these darling pink drawer pulls on etsy. 

The inside of the armoire is my changing station. I love the organization and the fact that I can close the doors and hide all this away. 

I don't know why this shower curtain kept photographing weird but I tried several times--must be a glare on the mono or something. Anyway love love her monogrammed shower curtain! 

Don't mind me in my pj pants, but how sweet is her bathroom?? I love the pink bunny drawer pulls , also from etsy and the striped walls. We used the same color as the bedroom walls and then 2 shades darker to create the perfect contrast. 

I have lots of odds and ends to complete still but I really love how it all came together. What a special thing---decorating your sweet little one's space. I also kind of like that it's a work in progress.  I'm always working on it, keeping my eyes open for little things to make it special. It's a fun little mommy hobby that I have really enjoyed undertaking. I'm sure my the time I get it totally finished it will be time to move her to a big girl room, but such is life!

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