Thursday, October 8, 2015

7 months

7 months...Charlotte is now closer to her first birthday than she is her actually birth date...a fact I truly do not believe. My scrawny, wrinkly skinny, old man looking new born is now a chubby, smiling, nearly crawling little baby. She is truly the light of our lives..what we look forward to every day and what we see in all of our tomorrow's. In yoga tonight our teacher posed the question: what fills you up?And my answer was most definitely Charlotte.

She has gotten so grown during this past month. She has her first tooth, which has been giving us both fits. Sometimes she is so fussy and it makes me sad that she doesn't understand why and that I can't do much to help. She likes to chew on cold teething rings and even wet cold wash cloths. 

Not sure if it has to do with teething but she also loves to hold and chew on your drink or cup, or bottle or can. We have tried out several sippy cups but right now she just likes to chew on them and hold them. I will be glad when I can hand her a cup of water or juice, especially to occupy her in the car. She is still not a big fan of her car seat even though we upgraded her to the big girl seat (still rear facing) that allows her to sit up instead of lying back. She also has a DVD player and likes to watch Madagascar--only Madagascar. I tried Frozen but she was unimpressed. I can now quote the entire movie--if you are interested. At home she still likes to watch the preschool prep alphabet. 

Our girl is also all about the bling. She wants to grab your necklace, earrings, watches, anything shiny. I have to keep her from trying to chew my ring or pull my hoop earrings out constantly. I'm trying to teach her "no pulling" but I think it's a little early for her to understand yet.

 Pulling off Deborah's sunglasses at the beach. 

We went to the beach to have her 6 month pictures taken and spend some time with my friend Deborah and her family. Charlotte had not spent much time around other children so she was fascinated with Deborah's little girl Kaylee. 

She was not so fascinated by the sand, however. I had plans for her to take some pictures sitting in the sand by the water's edge but whenever we touched her feet to the sand she got upset. Last time she loved the water but this time it was cold so she was not a fan.

 She started to really work on her crawling while we were there-she can push herself all the way up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. She also kind of hops her back end forward so she can in fact move herself from place to place.  

Also at the beach she went to restaurants each night and sat in a high chair which she loved. She was very good at the restaurants as she loves to people watch. Now that she is able to eat mum mum crackers we can just hand her one and she stays pretty content. 

Speaking of her dinner, she is eating a jar to jar and a half of baby food daily. Her very favorites are sweet potatoes and peaches although lately she has been enjoying combinations of apples and squash. We can pretty much get her to eat anything though. 

We have started to let her practice eating with her hands in preparation for finger foods with puffs and yogurt melts on her tray each day. She is starting to get the hang of it, little by little, but the dogs are probably getting more puffs in them than she is. I tried to get her to eat a few tiny pieces of real banana but she wasn't sure how to chew and she kind of threw it up. I'm very nervous about her choking so I'm in no hurry to practice this skill--she can eat baby food as long as she wants. Forrest tried to get her to eat out of a baby food pouch on her own but she is not ready for that either--she was a disgusting mess and Forrest did most of the squeezing of the pouch himself. 

Blueberries, bananas, and beets--eeww

She is not saying any words and that is worrying me slightly. I know babies operate at their own pace but I'm ready for her to check off this milestone. She babes and talks up a stop it no real mama or dada yet. She can say the sounds and syllables and has for a while but just isn't putting them together as words yet. 

She has figured out her wrists and loves to inspect what they can do. She likes to hold a toy and twist it and turn it with her test and wave it back and forth. She will sometimes watch this process for a very long time. She is very into things that rattle and jingle and likes to pick things up and shake them to see if they make noise. She will bang her hand on her tray when she wants more food or a toy--she is quite demanding! Her favorite things still include watching lights, playing with Sonny, and watching TV, which we rarely let her do except for football of course (haha). 

When she gets excited or sees someone she likes she will kick her legs and smile the brightest smile. Sometimes she will open her mouth really wide too, which is hilarious. 

I am trying my hardest to hold onto her being a baby because I know in the blink of an eye she is going to be a little toddler. On the flip side it's so exciting to see what she will do next. 8 months here she comes! 

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