Sunday, October 25, 2015

8 months

So much has happened in the 8 short months that we have had our little one! It's amazing how a baby grows and changes in such a short amount of time! The past month in itself has been a big one for Charlotte. She got a new tooth, bringing her up to a grand total of 2.

 Her teeth are so cute but have totally ruined her good sleep pattern. Since the teeth started at 6 months she has been waking up every 2-3 hours. She's had a few good nights in there but mainly her nights are rough. She only wants mommy at night--she literally screamed a full hour the other night when Forrest got her out of her crib rather than me. Therefore, I'm up when she is up. She nurses and goes right to sleep but sleeping in 2 hour increments went out of style for us when she was maybe 8 weeks old so this has been a hard 2 months for mommy! I know she will get over it with some time. And yes, we have tried everything! :) 
Last month she took off on her crawling. She is into everything and you cannot leave her alone for a second. I walked out of her room to grab her laundry once and when I walked beck in she had crawled into her closet under her dresses and I couldn't find her! 

She loves anything dangly or shiny. She is definitely a girly girl all about the bling! 
Inspecting Pop's watch. 

She worked  on clapping and waving this month and can do it pretty well but not always on command. She does know the word "Sonny" and looks to him when you say his name. He is so good with her and she loves playing with him! 

She also knows "no" and now that she is into everything I have to say it a lot. She doesn't care for No and will cry sometimes when she doesn't get her way!! It's hilarious but also scary how fast she has learned this trick. 

Also our girl is a dancer! She loves to stand and dance at her play table and will even dance when she hears a song on the tv when she is sitting. 

At the very least she will kick her legs. Her favorites are the abc song and "I like to move it move it" from Madagascar. 

She still is not a huge fan of her car seat of of getting dressed because she is restrained against her will in both instances! She likes to be on the go and in control! 

She has started to eat "people food" and is great at using her pinched grip  we haven't found a single food she won't eat but that didn't surprise us! 

She also likes to pulls things out of bags and turn over baskets to see what is in them. She is so curious! I love watching her explore and expect every little 
Month 7 was such a big month for her and I know 8 probably will too. I'm blown away by all of her achievements and am anxious to see what she will do next. She never ceases to amaze us! 

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