Sunday, October 25, 2015

Where Charlotte went

Charlotte was a busy little bee this month. We are trying to take her with us more places and she really enjoys it! She is a party girl and loves to be in the action and is a born people watcher! 
She went to celebrate my dads 33 anniversary of practicing law. She was cuting a tooth so she was fussy but liked dancing with pop as the guitar player played just for her! 

She also went to a shower to celebrate my brothers engagement. She was most definitely the hit of the party in her little red shoes.
Every year Forrest and I go to the Greek food festival in Birmingham as we love the food and we did not want our girl to miss out! She enjoyed the music and sitting outside! We enjoyed the Greek doughnuts! 

My dad always has people over to watch Bama football games and of course C was his most favorite guest this year. She was not thrilled with the screaming but she got over it when we clapped for her after clapping for the team. 

Charlotte dropped a nap this month which made it easier to take her places. She and I have been able to get out in the afternoons some and one day we went shopping! She loved seeing all the colors and trying to grab the clothes! 

We took off to Tuscaloosa for homecoming weekend and went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Kozys. We got to sit outside and C really had fun! She was so good!

We had a great time with our girl on campus! She got to go to the sorority house, the quad, and even meet a little baby friend, Ansley! 
Mommy and daddy had a great month too! Not only did we go with c on her adventures, but we also got to go to the homecoming game. 
Roll tide!! 
We also got to celebrate the engagement of our friends Erin and Wesley with some of our favorites! 
Alpha love!! 

Looking back we had a big month! Looking forward to the next!! 

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