Thursday, November 26, 2015

9 months

Charlotte has officially been out longer than she was in, as she is over 40 weeks old and I had her at 37 and one day. 

She has really changed a lot this month. She can crawl lightening fast. You cannot leave her for even a second or she will be gone! She loves to crawl down the hallway and yell--not sure why but it is hilarious. She also likes to crawl to my jewelry wall even though she knows it's a "no". 

She can pull herself up on most anything and can cruise to get what she wants. She also really likes crawling under furniture and thinks it is so funny. 

Forest made her a little obstacle course in the hotel room while we were in Atlanta and she loved it! She still loves dancing and will bob her head or kick her legs if she can't stand up and shake it. 
She still doesn't say any words although recently we have her say "na na" just about daily. That isn't a word we say to her so I'm afraid it means no no, as she does hear that quite often. She recognizes and understands the words no, mama, dada, Sonny, cat, and Momsie. She will look at these things when you say the name and doesn't like it when she can't find whomever it is. I said cat in the doctors office and she looked but couldn't find one and was very upset! 

She had her first real sickness this month--a fever virus that had a lingering rash. She was so pitiful! She also had an allergic reaction one night and swelled up in little red spots but it didn't last long. She also had a major boo boo--she crawled right off the bed! Poor
 little girl! 
She can clap, shake, and wave. She loves to read books and turn the page--she can even do so with her feet! 
We discovered that she needed lots more food since she is so mobile. That actually helped her to start sleeping much better! 

We had a couple of weeks where she only woke up once each night and then...more teeth. She got 2 new ones this past month--the top center ones. They really gave her a lot of trouble and she was in a lot of pain! It was so sad! 

She hasn't gotten back to the good sleeping yet and is back on her every 2 1/2 hour-3 hour waking schedule. She wakes up at 530 am and Forrest usually takes her and feeds her breakfast and they watch her favorite letter video. By the time it's time for him to go to work they wake me up and I start getting ready. She usually takes a nap around 830 or 9 for hopefully and hour or more. Then she takes a nap about 130 until around 3 or 330 and then goes to sleep 3 hours after she woke up. She's on a 3 hour awake schedule and she doesn't like to veer from that. 

As for eating, she has decided she only wants to feed herself. Mealtime has become such an ordeal. She fights and gets very frustrated. We found if we just let her feed herself she is much happier. She also likes pretty much anything but her most favorite thing is cheese! 

At her 9 month check up she weighed 9 lb and 4 ounces, which was actually 10 ounces less than she was 2 weeks ago when we were in the office. They said that was normal since she was so active now. She is still in the 75% for weight so she clearly isn't getting to scrawny. She is also 29 inches long which is the 90% percentile! Hooray for daddy's tall genes! Her head is only in the 10% though--so we have a big girl with a sweet little head.  We are so looking forward to the holidays with this little one--I'm sure it will be our best Christmas yet!

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