Saturday, December 12, 2015

Little Brother's Wedding

This has been a very big year for the McCord family--not only did we welcome our C but we also have been anticipating my brother's wedding! We met his sweet bride Ann the weekend of the first Alabama game last season, the weekend we announced my pregnancy to the whole wide world if you are keeping track. We ate at Capitol Grille and I remember trying to hold a charming conversation while feeling absolutely wretched. Luckily we must have made a good impression because Ann stuck around as as I grew so did their relationship. Mom and I were actually talking on the phone about them getting engaged the Saturday before I had C on Tuesday. Before we knew it we were heading to Atlanta for the wedding weekend! 
My mom, dad, C and I went over on Thursday so mom could get the rehearsal dinner set up. We took a little pit stop to visit Santa with C! She was not impressed with him and would only sit next to him, not on his lap and would not smile. She was pretty good though so I was pleased! 

The next day the wedding festivities really began. We started with the bridesmaids luncheon hosted by my aunts at the Swan coach house. It was a great way to really kick off the weekend and have a little girl time. 

That evening we went to the rehearsal and dinner. Our fantastic babysitter Rachel came with us to Atlanta to help with C so Forrest and I could give our full attention to our bridesmaid and best man duties. We really could not live without her!! The rehearsal dinner was hosted by my parents at maggianos and was beyond delicious! Mom worked on the decor all summer and it really showed. Every detail was so carefully planned and elegantly executed! It was actually my brother's 30th birthday that night so she surprised him with a cake. My dad gave a fun speech and Forrest's best man speech was hilarious. Roy stole the show though with a touching thank you to my parents and grandparents (who couldn't attend because my grandfather was ill) and to Ann. 

The next day was wedding day!! It was fun to be a part of the day from both sides--as a bridesmaid and as the sister of the groom. I got to go between both groups behind the scenes all day which isn't something most people get to do. It was a fun perspective. The girls had our hair done in the bridal suite and all got ready together. Charlotte got to have her picture made and she was so sweet. She really was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! When she got to see Ann in her gown she just stared at her and pet her. It was precious!! Before we knew it it was time to go to the church and get a new sister! 

The wedding was a beautiful mass--one of the best I've ever been to and the quickest may I add. I had to ride with the wedding planner back to the hotel so I could pump before the reception got started (mommy life huh?!). The ballroom at the Georgian terrace was so lovely and the party was fantastic. We danced the night away with our closest family and friends (while c slept upstairs with our sweet Rachel). I am so deeply happy for my brother and his sweet new bride. They are perfect for one another. Congratulations guys!!


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