Friday, January 29, 2016

11 months

 This time last year I had 6 weeks to go in my pregnancy. Forrest went on a guy's trip to Colorado, I did a freezer meal workshop at Farrah's, and I had been to my ob visit where they told me C was measuring small (for a change). I thought I had at least 5 weeks to get everything finished and myself ready to be a mom. I had 3. Now 11 months later I have a big beautiful baby girl who is becoming less of a baby each day. 

She is really turning into a little girl now and I'm equal parts thrilled and devastated. She "talks" all the time. She tries to say lots of words but they usually come out "ba". She can do cat, hair, hi, bye, hat, bird. She can point out hair, eyes, nose, toes, teeth, belly button, and socks. 
Pointing at baby Hadley's nose 

She also can point out monkey, dog, cat, cow, lion, and elephant on her animal puzzle. Her latest trick is growling when you ask her what does a lion say and occasional she will attempt to meow when you ask her what cats say. I list all this because it amazes me. I know some babies may do more or less but I'm constantly surprised by what she can do, I think because I still really think she should just be lying around looking at the ceiling.  More and more she is becoming a person who knows things and communicate rather than a baby who lies there. 
She put her shoe on my shoe shelf--I was pretty impressed! 

Of course, this gal doesn't lie still for very long anymore. She is crawling and cruising everywhere. I thought she would walk by now but crawling seems to get her around faster so she opts for that. I'm in no hurry for her to walk--she is pretty wide open as it is! She is still into everything and likes to investigate. She loves the cabinets in the bathroom and my make up drawer.

 She can let go and stand for several seconds and the other day she attempted a step but was unsuccessful so she is sticking with what she knows! Now she will bring a book to us and crawl in our laps to have it read. She will sing to herself and loves it when we sing to her. She likes to play peekaboo behind the curtains and still loves peeking out at you from under furniture or around walls. She also really likes being outside, especially when she can ride her tricycle or see birds.

 She will eat just about anything, so long as she is in the mood! She stopped nursing on New Year's Eve and has started whole milk a little early since she outright rejected every kind of formula made! She still has a big appetite most days and loves cheese and both scrambled and hard boiled eggs. She is quite the adventurous eater and are just about everything we ate while in our trip to Boca last week, including duck, prosciutto, and goat cheese! 

She wears 12m clothes although many are getting short and a size 4 diaper but a size two shoe! I'm pretty sure she can't walk yet because her feet are too tiny to hold her up! She still takes 2 naps a day and is doing better at sleeping, and we hope it will continue to improve as she gets older. She also waves bye and blows kisses. It's so sweet when she tells us bye in the mornings and hi when we get home!  Her hair is starting to really fill in and we can finally clip in a bow! Hooray! 
No elastic on this bow! And isn't daddy's  wallet fun?! 

This week I have really gotten hard core about her birthday plans yet am still in disbelief that she is almost one. She continues to delight us every single day and I guess we forgot to count those days because here we are--nearly a year later! 
We love you sweet girl!! 

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