Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 year in review

Our friend Gus told us that the year we became parents would be the longest shortest year in our lives. That sounded crazy at first but it was 100% true. This year has flown by and Charlotte has grown before our eyes but at the same time we have felt each of those days to the fullest. Here's a look back on our year! 
January--we started off the year in a bus so that we could see the Tide eventually lose their play off game in the sugar bowl. We had a great time catching up with old friends though. I also traveled to Orlando to be with my sister at her work conference at 33 weeks pregnant and Forrest went on a guy's ski trip when I was 34. 

February-we started off the month with 3 baby showers and ended the month with a baby! Charlotte was born on February 24! 

March--we dive head first into becoming parents. From nursing to sleeping to car seats we enjoyed every minute of having our little girl. 

April--we had Charlotte christened on Easter Sunday. My mom hosted our family for lunch at her house and afterwards we all went to the church together for the baptism. It was such a meaningful day!

May--I had a wonderful first Mother's Day! Charlotte went to the lake for the first time!

June--we went to Atlanta for a wedding and Charlotte stayed in the hotel with Roy and ann. We also went to Chicago to celebrate our anniversary. 

July--we spent the 4th at the beach with family and Charlotte experienced her 4 month sleep regression

August--Charlotte and I went to Atlanta for Ann's shower and bachelorette party and Forrest went to myrtle beach for Roy's bachelor party. C also had her consult for physical therapy 

September--we went back to the beach with Deborah, Quinn and Kaylee and had Charlotte's 6 month pictures taken. 

October--the 3 of us went to Tuscaloosa for homecoming and Charlotte had her first game day experience minus the game. 

November--we celebrated Roy and Anns wedding!! Also Charlotte had her first thanksgiving. 

December--Charlotte's first Christmas was so exciting and joyful. We have so much to be thankful for! 

All of my posts revolve around charlotte now--but so do our lives! I started this blog as a way to document our lives and our lives are totally and wonderfully saturated with our baby girl right now. I don't get to post as frequently and my posts are much more generic now but that's our life right now and I love it. I hope I can look back on this blog in years to come and remember how it felt to be a new mom with my very first little baby and what our lives were like when we got up every few hours to feed her, had to watch the football games on mute on our phones while rocking her to sleep, and all the other wild and fun changes we have made to our lives to make room for this incredible bundle of energy we created and love so much. That's why I take a little time to write, even if it's messy and not very profound. Happy new year!! 


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