Sunday, January 3, 2016

Charlotte's first Christmas

Our Christmases always used to stress me out--so much to the point I would pretty much dread the whole season. I loved the parties and family time and presents and food but there was just so much to do. Gifts to buy and wrap, cards to make and send, and between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Forrest and I attended 6 Christmases. It was hard and I was always exhausted but we didn't want to miss anything so we did it. I was very worried about this year with the addition of Charlotte. She is on her own schedule and we have to stick to it or she pays us for it! Also how was I going to get everything accomplished with a wild crawling baby on my hand? A baby that didn't sleep through the night, therefore requiring me to nap with her in the afternoons if I wanted to be a half way functioning member of society?! As it turns out I was less stressed this year! Why? Well online shopping and the motto of "let it go". I realized I could only do so much and we had to do what was best for our baby and our family. Of course we have amazing families that understand and moved things around for us so that we were still able to celebrate with everyone but also were able to keep Charlotte on her nap schedule and bed time. It was a wild time but she enjoyed every minute! 
Her most favorite thing was the Christmas tree but we should have guessed that because she has always loved lights. She would kick her legs any time we got near the living room out of excitement! 

Wrapping gifts and playing with mommy! 

She had her own little tree in her room
which I have yet to take down since she loves it so much!! 

One of my favorite things we did was a spur of the moment trip to see the Christmas lights at a local camp ground. She was enthralled! Her happy little face was priceless! 

She had a big time hamming it up for my office staff at our annual Christmas lunch! 

On Christmas Eve morning we went to Davis and megumi's for breakfast and started what I think will be a fun new tradition of pancakes and pajamas! 

That evening, after 2 thirty minute naps (usually she takes hour and a half naps) we went to mass. It was so special to me that Charlotte got to wear my first Christmas dress. She had a big time sitting with Momsie and auntie M and loved seeing all of the decorations. Afterwards we went to aunt Susan's for the annual Bailey Christmas Eve dinner. We had to leave pretty quickly to make it home for bed time but we were determined to at least see everyone and let c get to visit with family if only for a few minutes. 

The next morning we had our family Christmas with just the three of us which I really enjoyed. We opened our gifts to each other and of course Charlotte got presents from Santa. Her favorite was the pink kitchen set, which Santa had put together in October! 

After a good nap thankfully, we went to my mom and dads for presents and brunch. C loved her cozy coupe and she went wild over this ball pit and tunnel from auntie M! 

After another nice nap we went to Davis's for dinner with the Baileys and more presents. By this time c was wide open. She was screaming and having the best time!! She was in the Christmas spirit!! 

On Saturday evening we went back to my moms for chili and presents with the McCords and Roy and Ann. C was very into Georgia as usual. 

On Sunday we went to Birmingham for Christmas with my grandparents. We usually do this on Christmas Day but it was so helpful to have it a few days later. I was so pleased that Charlotte got to spend time with her great granddaddy since he has been under the weather lately. They played and had the biggest time!! 

Whew what fun we had!! I know that our Christmas experience will be different each year as Charlotte grows and understands more and more but I hope I always remember how very special this first one was! 


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