Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm feeling thirty twoooo!

Do you think T Swift might make a sequel to 22 in a few years highlighting all the fun stuff is 32 year olds get to do? "I'm gonna rock the baby, then pay the mortgage...gotta send some work emails...oh yeah yeah yeah! 
Thirty two years...that sounds like a really long time but I hope that I'm just getting started!! So much to do and see! My 31st year most definitely held the most changes with the addition of "mommy" on my resume and now that I'm a mom I feel a little differently about birthdays considering I have actually birthed someone. Moms really should be treated special on their children's birthdays, don't you think? I mean they are the ones that do all of the hard work on that day! I made sure to thank my mom this year on my birthday and actually we took my parents with us to my birthday dinner that night to celebrate. My day was super fun and mostly all about me but most definitely reflected perfectly my life these days as a 32 year old.
That morning I was greeted by the sweetest smiling baby girl...who had a major diaper blowout. Seriously this has only happened a very very few times in her life (I realize I'm very lucky and have now probably jinxed myself) and hasn't happened in months, like at least 6 or 7. Nothing like a stinky mess (and a sweet smiling baby) on your birthdays to remind you that you are a mom. 

After the mess was addressed I went to the jail and met with a client with a very serious charge to discuss his case and its future. This client was going to be celebrating his birthday in jail that week. I also met with several clients at my office regarding their wills and end of life plans, one about injuries they received in an accident, and one about the custody of their children. Nothing like a busy morning of work to remind me that I am these people's advocate. 
Next I shared grilled cheese sandwiches with Charlotte before heading out to get a massage and facial. Forrest had purchased me a gift certificate for Christmas because he knew I needed a little me time and because he knows how much I loved spa--ing. I had the most relaxing and peaceful afternoon! I love time alone like that to sort of catch back up with myself, take inventory of my feelings and kind of get back to center. My afternoon at the spa reminded me that I am a person with needs too and that I really should make sure to squeeze in a little time to focus on and be myself. 

That evening, Forrest and I, along with my parents, went to dinner at my favorite restaurant. We had the most wonderful conversation, and of course food too. We talked and laughed about all kinds of subjects, from the serious to the silly, and just enjoyed each other's company. That night definitely reminded me that I am a wife and a daughter who is loved and valued, despite all my faults and failings. 

Two nights later, several friends of mine got together and drove out of town to have dinner in celebration of my big day. That, coupled with all the precious texts and calls and even Facebook messages I received can't help but remind you that you are also a friend, a friend that is blessed to call so many the same.

I am honored to be all of these things, year after year, for the people that I most love and care for and am blessed by God to be able to be here among them for yet another year. Looking back upon these titles makes me feel very proud and humbled. Here's to 32!!

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