Sunday, January 31, 2016

Notes on baby travel

A couple of weekends ago we took a quick family trip to Florida to have Charlotte's portrait made. Forrest won a gift certificate a couple of years ago from Bradford portraits and it was time to cash it in. I was very nervous about traveling with Charlotte at this age because she is pretty committed to her schedule and she is very very busy but it worked out great! I think most of the battle of traveling with a baby is preparation and attitude! You have to commit to making the trip about the baby rather than yourself and you will hopefully have a happy baby with results in happy parents! 
We had to fly out of Atlanta which is a 2 hour drive so we opted to make the drive the night before because c doesn't do well in the car, plus we didn't want to have to wake up super early and be rushed the morning of the flight. We made the decision to turn Charlotte's car seat around for the ride since she is typically a terror in the car (and she exceeds the weight requirement to forward face). She actually loved being turned around--who knew that would make all the difference!? We stopped at panera to get dinner and c gobbled up some mac and cheese. 
A little appetizer before demolishing her dinner.. 

Note to self: if she is happy do not stop!! Just keep driving!! She did fine but got tired--we should have just packed dinner and gotten ourselves there as quickly as possible. 

We made it to Atlanta without incident and got ourselves ready for the flight. I had a plan that I felt would get us through the travel day with as little drama as possible. It went something like this: 
1. Wake c up 3 hours before take off--she currently is awake for 3 hours before a nap so I wanted her to sleep on the plane for as long as possible. Drawback-if she fought sleep and was a total disaster the entire flight! 
2. Fill her cup with juice from the hotel breakfast bar ( and feed her of course). A hotel with a breakfast bar is perfect for baby travel because you don't have to worry about packing food. We also picked her some leftovers in a ziplock bag so she would have something different to snack on.  
3. Once through security buy some milk! C likes a bottle of milk before she goes to sleep so Forrest got some from Starbucks  once we made it to the gate. We also got a Baggie of ice to put in her little cooler (tiniest cooler ever) so the milk would keep. Packing several zip top bags is key to baby travel--and they were all Forrest's idea.

4. Sit in very back of the plane. This goes against all of our previous travel goals but we figured she was less likely to bother as many people in the back. It's louder, not as many people congregate back there, and we could stand up and bounce her out of view of the rest of the passengers. Again this was Forrest's brilliant contribution to the plan. 
5. Give a bottle on take off. This was really to help with pressure build up in her ears but it also knocked her right out! I was afraid we would have to walk her because she would be too excited but the timing worked out perfectly and she slept until we began to descend.
6. Toast to a job well done! Nothing like a drink before 10am on a plane!! 

We were very very lucky that the plan worked out as nicely as it did but again, trying to work your travel schedule around the baby's schedule is the best way to ensure a happy baby and in return happy parents! More about the trip to come! 

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