Monday, February 29, 2016

12 months

Wow!! Where even to begin!!?? This past month has been huge for Charlotte in terms of development. She is really becoming a little person before my very eyes! 

Her vocabulary is rapidly expanding. She doesn't say very many words but she understands what you say. This month her newest word is "cake" and she says it very clearly! 

When she doesn't know the name for something she simply calls it "ba"! Ba however also means ball, balloon, bottle, and baby. She can follow simple commands (bring me, give me, come here) and she will look at objects when you call them by name. She spent the night with my parents for the first time and she kept pointing at the basement door (where my dad has his man cave) and saying "Pop" while he was still at work. When he came home and opened the outside door the chime went off and she looked at the basement door again and said "pop". It's crazy to me that she knows things like that. 

She puts items into other things now rather than just pulling them out. She is walking when led with one hand but still not on her own. She took two steps to me last week but that's been it! I know she can do it--she just isn't ready and to be quite honest neither am I. She is so busy already I can't imagine when she can walk!! 

She can recognize blue and green now and she talks along with the letter video for a, b, and c. You are so eager to learn right now I feel badly when we aren't texting you something! Last week you learned to wink and shake your head no which is really is cute but now you use it to communicate no and that has made things a little difficult! She will also wave her hand in front of her face to say something is stinky and she waves her arm up and down like a trunk when she do the elephant sounds. 

She is so precious when she tries to sing! She loves head and shoulders knees and toes and the wheels on the bus and a dream is a wish. She also tries to sing in church and it makes everyone smile! She loves going to church but is very busy. She spends most of the time waving to the people behind us. 

She is wearing 12m clothes and a size 5 diaper (why don't they make 4 1/2--that's what we really need). I'm terrified that all the cute 18m clothes I bought for summer aren't going to make it! 

All of the above pictures were taken on her actual birthday. It was so much fun! Breakfast birthday bagel, lunch with Pop, first balloons and cake from Momsie, dinner out with mommy and daddy! 

At her one year check up she was 21 pounds 14 ounces and 30 inches long. She had to get 5 shots and a finger stick and she was not amused, poor baby!! 
We love her more and more each day and are overwhelmed by the fact she is one! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Charlotte--tomorrow you turn one. I honestly do not know how time has gotten us here so quickly. But sure enough, here we are. One year ago I was sitting in a hospitals bed cramming as much ice cream in my mouth as I could. I had given sweets up for Lent but said I would stop when you were born because I figured I needed to eat anything. Thanks for coming early--I only had to do without for 5 days! Right now, a year later, I'm rocking you, my precious one, as you sleep in my arms. I never knew, even on that night when I was so excited to meet you,  how much I would love you. I don't know that any first time mom can truly understand the amount of love that you feel the moment the doctor hands you your precious child.

 I love you wholly, completely, and without any contingencies or exceptions. It's a weighty kind of love--I can feel it. It consumes me, covers me, fills me. It's a special love that I didn't even know I had: it is just for you. 

You haven't made it easy--you do everything your way, not the way the books say you should (although you follow those wonder weeks to the letter--go figure). You have just now decided to try sleeping through the night. You refuse to eat left overs. You hate being restrained so car rides and even mealtimes can be challenging. I have never in my life been as tired as you have made me nor as frustrated, but all the while, even when I've been at my literal wits end, I have loved every minute of being your mom and having you as my daughter. 

You are already an individual--your own person. You do things on your time and in your own way. I love seeing you discover things and learn. You are independent and daring. You are silly and sweet and so so smart. I am truly amazed by all that you know and understand. You are so much fun to be around and your giggle is infectious and your smile melts my heart. 

You have changed me in ways that I never imagined were possible. Not only do I now know that lack of sleep will not actually kill me (it might feel like it but it won't) I know that I can do and will do just about anything for you--no matter how hard or out of my comfort zone. This is because of that love I was talking about before. It has changed me. I'm a little less selfish, and a lot more patient because of you. Instead of freaking out because my perfect plans are ruined, can now just laugh and say oh well. That dinner can be made tomorrow and we can eat frozen pizza tonight. Those clothes can stay in the dryer another night. Those emails can be sent in the morning. Id rather be playing with you or rocking you back to sleep than doing any of those things. Those things don't matter--but you do. I hope you know that it's these little moments that I will treasure and hope that I remember forever. Singing "the wheels on the bus" or "head and shoulders"  20 times in a row just because you love them. Letting you throw my shoes all over the closet or tear up my perfectly organized make up drawer just because you have fun playing with mommys things. Playing on the floor with your blocks and cups. Watching you throw all the books on the floor and then picking one and crawling up into my lap to have me read it to you 5 times in a row. These are the little moments that make up our time together but they are the ones that mean the most to me. I don't think that the catherine I was before you would have been able to slow down enough to see the preciousness of these little times but I'm so glad that the 
catherine that you have made me truly

My wish for you, my little bunny, as you start this next year of your life, is that you are able to experience as much as you can. I hope you get to see and hear and do every good thing. I hope you are safe and healthy and blessed with a guardian angel to follow you and keep you safe when I'm gone. I can't wait to watch you walk and hear you really start to talk. I'm excited to see you make friends. I know you are going to have opinions and thoughts and I will love it when we can talk about them. Today though, be little. As much as I am excited to see you grow I want to hold on to your littleness for as long as I can. Cherish it, keep it, hide it away. I thank God for every day with you--all of your little ways--for choosing me to be your mommy. Thank you for being the most wonderful baby girl. I love you sweet baby. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Boca Baby

We were rewarded for our good planning with a happy baby when we landed in west palm beach and so it was straight on to pick up the rental car. Forrest surprised us with a convertible. I was not too sure how Charlotte would like riding with the top down but she loved it! She was below the wind and of course she loves seeing everything! 

The only picture I got of the 3 of us!!

The portrait was to be done at Bradford studio in palm beach and they put us up in the Eau hotel--a five star, five diamond hotel. It was amazing! From the fabulous decor to the welcome champagne, this hotel doesn't miss a beat when it comes to anything! We immediately went to lunch at the hotel restaurant overlooking the beach and we were not disappointed by the view or the food. C loved seeing the birds and eating like a big girl. 
Enjoying prosciutto and melon salad and a straw...

That evening after a nap we had Italian at paisanos--delicious! C continued her day of grown up eating with lasagna, tomato and cucumber salad, and bread and pesto. 
And also Cheesies...

The next day we went to the famous Worth avenue for the portrait. The ride was breathtaking--stunning views and mansions? Yes please!! The Bradford staff were absolutely fantastic to us. They worked hard to make c laugh and smile and they even let us hang out in a private waiting room after we were finished so c could take her nap. 
I promise the actual portrait is more traditional...

Afterwards we drove to our new hotel, the Boca beach club which is a Waldorf resort on the beach. We had a nice lunch and then while c napped I slipped away to the spa for a little rest and relaxation in my own. Of course her daddy stayed with her! 
Loving hotel life!! 

That evening we were disappointed with our dinner at Blue so we filled ourselves up with a frozen hot chocolate from serendipity. Yum yum! 

The next morning we had breakfast at the Boca Beach House and then tried to find a fun activity but our efforts were Since it was windy we didn't get to spend any time at the beach or pool (except for a few pictures) but we did enjoy lounging on the hotel terrace. 

C loved seeing the birds and was equally thrilled when they showed up at lunch later that afternoon. We were not so thrilled, as one tried to take a puff right out of her baby hand! 
Afterwards we went back to serendipity and let c try her very first banana split! 

That evening we had dinner at 20/20 grille. It was incredible! The food was to die for and the staff went out of their way to make c feel special. The chef brought her a personal appetizer of cut up strawberries himself and the owner carried her around for a while. She of course gobbled up the attention and the food! 

The next morning it was wheels up! Time to head home! We kept our same travel plan in place and luckily it all worked out. 

We honestly had a great time and realized that it is great fun to travel with our little lady and are anxious for the next trip! 

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