Monday, February 29, 2016

12 months

Wow!! Where even to begin!!?? This past month has been huge for Charlotte in terms of development. She is really becoming a little person before my very eyes! 

Her vocabulary is rapidly expanding. She doesn't say very many words but she understands what you say. This month her newest word is "cake" and she says it very clearly! 

When she doesn't know the name for something she simply calls it "ba"! Ba however also means ball, balloon, bottle, and baby. She can follow simple commands (bring me, give me, come here) and she will look at objects when you call them by name. She spent the night with my parents for the first time and she kept pointing at the basement door (where my dad has his man cave) and saying "Pop" while he was still at work. When he came home and opened the outside door the chime went off and she looked at the basement door again and said "pop". It's crazy to me that she knows things like that. 

She puts items into other things now rather than just pulling them out. She is walking when led with one hand but still not on her own. She took two steps to me last week but that's been it! I know she can do it--she just isn't ready and to be quite honest neither am I. She is so busy already I can't imagine when she can walk!! 

She can recognize blue and green now and she talks along with the letter video for a, b, and c. You are so eager to learn right now I feel badly when we aren't texting you something! Last week you learned to wink and shake your head no which is really is cute but now you use it to communicate no and that has made things a little difficult! She will also wave her hand in front of her face to say something is stinky and she waves her arm up and down like a trunk when she do the elephant sounds. 

She is so precious when she tries to sing! She loves head and shoulders knees and toes and the wheels on the bus and a dream is a wish. She also tries to sing in church and it makes everyone smile! She loves going to church but is very busy. She spends most of the time waving to the people behind us. 

She is wearing 12m clothes and a size 5 diaper (why don't they make 4 1/2--that's what we really need). I'm terrified that all the cute 18m clothes I bought for summer aren't going to make it! 

All of the above pictures were taken on her actual birthday. It was so much fun! Breakfast birthday bagel, lunch with Pop, first balloons and cake from Momsie, dinner out with mommy and daddy! 

At her one year check up she was 21 pounds 14 ounces and 30 inches long. She had to get 5 shots and a finger stick and she was not amused, poor baby!! 
We love her more and more each day and are overwhelmed by the fact she is one! 


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