Monday, March 21, 2016

13 months

Charlotte's princess sash that we use each month for her photo has enough velcro numbers for me to take her pictures for several months--I will refrain, as I kind of think that is a 1-12 month thing. Still it makes me sad only because it means she is growing up. I feel silly saying that because of course you want your child to grow up but at the same time you want to keep them little forever!

I digress..
This month has been a really fun one! Charlotte seems more and more like a little person. She is toying with the idea of taking just one nap. She still usually sneaks in two but I'm becoming less and less sure of when they will be. She used to be very very regimented (her doing, not mine) about her naps and all of a sudden they have gone haywire. If she won't take one I don't fight it--she will not do it if she doesn't want to and there is no use frustrating myself over it. I know this nap transition may take a while and we might go back and forth a bit so I'm trying to be patient and go with the flow. That's hard for me, you know, but she's a baby--she gets to win!

She is still not walking--and that equally bothers me and thrills me in that I'm so ready for her to be able to do it because it's the next milestone but again, it means she won't be a baby. Plus, she is already into so much and I know she will be wide open once she is on two feet! She can stand on her own and can push her shopping cart and her walking lion toy (and the baby stroller we got her as an Easter present/bribe to get her to walk) but she just won't walk. She looks like she is about to, takes one step, and then is over it. We've gotten her to take about 5 steps in a row on her own but that's it. I know she will do it in her own time!

Update! On Tuesday March 22 she took off! Just like that. She was trying a little during lunch but she waited until Forrest and I both left for work to walk unassisted around the house for rachel! Luckily rachel is quick with a camera so she got it on video and sent to us. I was so proud!! She of course doesn't exclusively walk yet but it's so precious when she does! 

I can tell she really understands what we are saying to her and that she is trying so hard to communicate with us. Sometimes it breaks my heart because I just don't understand and she looks so frustrated! Overall though we generally can tell what she is trying to say which makes things very easy sometimes! She has her own little baby words and sounds for things that are so cute! This month she added "what an owl says" to her repertoire of animal sounds (which she does better than saying real words--not sure if that's right or not haha) and every now and then she is saying mama. She is really into pretending right now. She likes to pretend to feed her baby or her giant Elmo balloon and makes an eating noise when she does it. She also loves playing with her kitchen--stirring pots and putting them in and out of her cabinets can occupy her for a long time.
Instead of finding eggs she stirred our the grass..

 She also will blow on her pots sometimes to say they are "hot". If you give her a spoon she will stir just about anything! She also really likes babies and will hug and pet them and stuffed animals and anything else she likes a lot, including framed pictures of us. She has gotten to where she will pat us too and it makes us melt! 

Forrest taught her to pick flowers (she is very into flowers too) and to give them to mommy which is just too sweet. I have a little vase full of pansies she has brought for me. She also likes to put the top on and off of just about anything and is starting to figure out her shape sorter..very slowly but surely. 
She has also had a big month adventure-wise! She had her first weekend spend the night with my parents when we went to North Carolina and she did great! She also went to the zoo for the first time and absolutely loved it! 

She also went to Noccalula Falls (in Gadsden) and played on the playground, rode the train, and went to the petting zoo! 

I think her favorite part of the month (and mine too) was when we took her to see the Easter bunny. I was afraid she would be scared but she absolutely loved him! She wanted to pet him and to pull his glasses! 

She also got to ride the carousel at the mall, which she liked but didn't care for being strapped in. She did enjoy the balloon they gave her at the end!
I also finally had her one year pictures taken. I can't wait to see them! She did a great job and of course our amazing photographer Lexie had some cute ideas! 
She kept screaming "cake" during this part of the shoot! 
This month has been so full of fun! Now that daylight savings is over we are spending lots of time outside and it has been so nice! Now that she is walking I think we will be outside even more! We are looking forward to warm weather and many play days ahead! 

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