Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Can you be too cozy?

That was the question on my mind this past weekend. Forrest and I went with Lance and Julie on a "partners retreat" to Highlands, North Carolina this past weekend. It was a great weekend to get away and talk about the future of the dental practice and make some decisions but also to relax and unwind and have some grown up time. This was the first weekend we had ever left Charlotte and I was very nervous leading up to it. We did a practice night where she stayed with my parents two weekends ago and that went well so I was actually less concerned about leaving her this weekend than I was for that one night. I thought I might feel guilty but I ended up feeling guilty about not feeling guilty for leaving her--go figure. Turns out motherhood is a lot about guilty and worrying, worrying about guilt, guilt over worrying or not worrying...you get the idea. Anyway, I threw my guilt free self into the Smith's car at 8:30 on Friday morning and thoroughly enjoyed the most relaxing of weekends! We stopped in Atlanta at Canoe for lunch--I took zero pictures as I was cramming food in my mouth the entire time. Yum--delish--must go back for dinner one day! Afterwards Julie and I cut off the work talk and watched a movie (like grown ups do) for the rest of the way to Highlands. 

We were staying in the Falls Cottages at Old Edwards Inn and I was thrilled! Old Edwards was supposed to be the height of luxury and comfort and it did not disappoint. We were greeted in the lobby with champagne and free Dove ice cream bars--please and thank you! Then we waited by the fire as the bell men took our luggage to our rooms. And wow--these rooms! They were suite style with a sitting area with fire place, large bedroom, bathroom with separate tub/toilet room. The bathroom floors heated up to 120 degrees--yes 120 degrees. The showers had 5 shower heads (maybe 4--who was counting?). 
(Full disclosure this is Julie's room--I literally took zero pictures)
There were multiple robes and slippers. It was the epitome of comfort!! We changed and headed back to the lobby for "Manhattan Social Hour" so the boys could enjoy manhattans (ick) and Julie and I enjoyed the fine surroundings...
...class is a pug pillow! 

We had dinner that night at Madison's, the on property restaurant. It was so yummy but we were all really tired so we didn't linger. Forrest and Lance ordered the tomato and jalapeno soup as an appetizer and it was so spicy they couldn't eat it. A lady at a neighboring table, however, scarfed it down, so we laughed about that the entire trip!
The next day the boys went fly fishing with their super fun guide, Dan. 

They were gone basically all day when it was supposed to be a half day trip and kept texting us to go shopping or something because they were going to be late. We didn't care--as we were in the coziest spa ever made! We literally were there for 7 hours! We had massages and pedicures, visited the whirlpool, freshened up using their 14 head showers (those I did count), have lunch in the spa cafe, have snacks by the fire, and nap in the nap room! Seriously-the coziest of days!! 
That evening we ate at Wolfgang's. Wow--again. It was German and boy was it good! Everything was top notch and the atmosphere was perfect! Afterwards we went to the hummingbird lounge for warm drinks before bed. 
Before we left the next morning we stopped for breakfast in the local grocery. Yum yum!   We most definitely needed that weekend away but we were so ready to be back with our girl!  If you need a peaceful weekend away I highly recommend Highlands and Old Edwards!  (They even shipped my curling iron back to me!)
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