Tuesday, May 31, 2016

15 months

This month I have realized that Charlotte completely understands us. Well maybe not completely but she gets it.  She responds to commands (except no--she will just smile and wag her finger back at me and say no no no) and interacts appropriately when we talk to her. Her speech is coming along and she has the cutest baby talk. She still only likes to saw the first syllable of words but she tries to say anything we ask her. New words this month are watermelon "wa ma", squirrel "curl", stick "kick", Elmo "melmo" or "mo", and go go go (from the cat in the hat show). She also says the names of the doc mcstuffins characters (at least the first syllable of Hallie and lambie and also "doc") and always calls for her friend "harp". She loves the show the lion guard and will sing "oh oh oh oh" along with the credits music and sometimes she walks to the basement door and bangs on it while roaring, meaning "mama please take me to watch the lions!" She is still enjoying watching her preschool prep letters and tries to say the letters with the show. She can recognize o, a, b, and m the best right now. We just got her some letters to play with in the tub and my mom got her some magnet letters for the fridge and her house and she loves them both! Right now I don't think it's a huge deal if she knows all of the letters but I like her to be learning all the same. 

She loves loves loves playing outside so oblige her as much as possible. She has gotten to where she doesn't want to ride in the stroller or tricycle but would rather walk along with us or push whatever apparatus she started riding, so we look like crazy parents who make our child push their own toys through the neighborhood.

 This independent streak has really taken hold and she will push our hands away when we try to help her. I'm so proud that she is independent but it scares me for her safety all the time! As independent as she is becoming she has been very clingy to mommy for a couple of weeks. This goes in phases, I know, but it's interesting that it's occurring at the same time her independence is flourishing. 

She has also mastered getting off of our bed safely and is learning to scoot herself down stairs--which I think are very important safety skills! 
C is still a big fan of animals and so we try to expose her to them as much as we can. Luckily her papa b has chickens and so she gets to visit with them every week! 

We also go to the petting zoo at the park when we can and she loves the goats! 

Her biggest development this month was getting out of the baby tub! I know she was way too big for the baby rub but she didn't mind it and it required so much less water I was in no hurry to ditch it. When she spent the weekend with my parents while we were at erin and wesleys wedding, it was discovered that she liked swimming in the big tub, so that was the end of my money and water saving baby tub. 
(That's a sticker on her chest--she loves stickers A LOT and wouldn't let us take them off of her. Here she is stirring her ducky). 

At her check up this month she was 31 inches which is a whole inch taller than she was at 12 months and 21 pounds 6 ounces. She isn't gaining much weight but that is normal. She has gone from a chunky monkey to a long and lean lady! 
We are so looking forward to this inner with her and all the fun things it brings. Pool visits, beach trips, playing with friends--there is so much to look forward to! 

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