Monday, May 16, 2016

Erin and Wesley's Wedding

I will never forget being in the car with Forrest and him receiving a text from our friend Zach saying something to the effect of  "Omg Wesley is going on a date with Erin". (I'm pretty sure he didn't say OMG--sorry Zach). Anyway, we talked all the way to where ever we were going about how they made a great couple and we hoped it all worked out and that they would get married. See, Wesley is one of Forrest's fraternity brothers and Erin is one of my sorority sisters, my grand little sis, actually, and so we were close with both of them and nothing is more fun than friends marrying friends! It all DID work out and this weekend we were delighted to celebrate their wedding with them at the Ritz Carlton Reynold's Plantation on Lake Oconee, Georgia. It was a fairly quick and easy drive and we arrived just in time for the beautiful "Nearly Wed" party. We sipped s'mores cocktails under the trees as we caught up with college friends. It's funny to think about how far we've come--young, college kids with no greater care than what we were going to wear to the band party that night to grown ups with jobs and mortgages and babies!

The next day we hung out at the resort pool--omg was it heaven. Waiters were constantly strolling by with towels, ice water, and were ready to take your drink or food order and bring it in a jiffy. I was totally born for that life!!

The wedding that evening was so sweet and simply elegant. I really enjoyed that they had water for the guests during the ceremony since it was outside and sweltering. The cocktail hour led into one of the greatest wedding meals I have ever eaten!! Of course, we ended the evening just like we were in college again--all dancing the night away to the band.

Where was Charlotte, you ask? She was being spoiled by my parents and my sister! She got to go out to dinner twice, and one time included an invitation to the soft opening of a new restaurant in town. She got a new kitchen complete with dishes, a shopping cart with food, and stuffed Sesame Street characters. Oh and a bubble blower--seriously. She had the best weekend and didn't even want to go home! We are lucky to have family that she loves and that are always ready and willing to stay with her! It was a nice weekend away for us, something we need to make sure we do frequently, but we always miss our girl when she isn't with us.

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