Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mom Brain

I always heard about "pregnancy brain" and "mommy brain" and y'all, I'm here to tell you it is a REAL thing! I have to tell a story on myself to prove it but it shook me so badly I feel the need to share in order to help out other moms! So Sunday night Forrest, Justin, Farrah, and I went to Atlanta to see Beyonce. 
Becky (with the good hair--haha), her sister in law Jennifer, me and Farrah) 

She was FANTASTIC by the way and you don't even have to know the words to her new album (I didn't) to have an amazing time. PLUS--she brings out special guests at the beginning (in Atlanta it was people like TI and Ludacris!!) so you are bound to have a blast!!! PS--what the heck is UP with Bey and Jay?? I really don't have enough brain space to deal with it so someone keep me in the loop if anything goes down, please! Anyway, I digress. I purchased the tickets and Farrah paid me with some cash and also a check. She gave me this money while we were in the car on the way and I put it in my purse. This purse never left the car, as you can only bring clear purses into the Georgia Dome and very teeny tiny purses. Therefore, money was never gallivanting around Atlanta with us. I remember worrying that I would forget it in my little purse and thought about giving it to Forrest to hang on to but I never did. When we got home late that night I put the little purse next to my big purse so I wouldn't forget to put the stuff back in the big purse and went to sleep. That's the last I have any recollection about the money. Flash forward to Wednesday. I remember the money. Where on earth is that money?? I seriously go crazy thinking about the money. I checked the little purse which I had put away--not there. I looked in the big purse--not there. I checked the car--not there. I assumed Charlotte had taken it out of my purse, since she likes to empty it out, and carried it off somewhere. But then I realized--how far would she have gotten? She is never unattended! If she got it while I had my back turned she really couldn't have hidden it too badly, so I tore my room apart. I took out all the bathroom trash, moved all my shoes, checked under all my clothes. I searched all the laundry, Charlotte's room, under all the furniture. I looked in the car. I got Forrest to check his wallet. He checked my car at 10pm last night. I barely slept worrying over this money. I assumed by this point I had accidentally thrown it away while I was straightening up on Monday or that I took it out of my purse by mistake at work. It wasn't at work...I was dreading telling Forrest that we were going to have to go through all of our icky trash and went to the front office to tell our sweet assistants to be on the look out for any loose money in any files in case I somehow scooped it up and filed it by mistake. While I was lamenting to them about losing the money I opened up my receipt envelopes from the runner who goes to the bank for me. Lo and behold--I had put the money in the bank on Monday!! I was expecting to see the receipt for my Friday check and it was in there but there also was a receipt for the exact amount of money I had "lost" dated Monday, which meant I had to physically take the money from my purse, write the deposit slip, endorse the check, put it in the envelope for the runner. I have zero recollection of that to this minute. I can tell you everything else I did at work that day, I know whom I spoke to on the phone, what files I dealt with, etc, but I have no memory of handling this money. I assume that my mommy brain, which was extra tired from being out late at Beyonce, just couldn't hold any more facts. I have felt straight crazy all day--actually I think I feel more crazy now that I realize what I did than when I thought I had just misplaced it!
My take on the whole thing is that now as a mom I have SO much more to worry about than before I had Charlotte. Not only do I have to worry about things like what she will eat, is she safe, etc, but minute things are always running through my mind like "where are her white sandals", "what is she wearing to church", "does she need sunscreen", "does she need a snack", "does she need the fleece pajamas tonight"...and on and on. My brain just needs a time out I think! Luckily at work I'm still sharp as a tack--probably because we have to write everything down, I have assistants helping me, and I get to stay pretty focused on what I'm doing while I'm there. At home, not so much. Three seconds of thinking and then I'm chasing a toddler who's heading towards the toilet with the remote control or pulling stickers out of the Sonny's hair (true story) while C is throwing bites of cheese at him from the high chair. It's a crazy life nowadays but we wouldn't change a thing (except maybe I will start checking my bank receipts before I freak out?)

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