Monday, May 16, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

I had several people tell me "Happy First Mother's Day" this year and I had to, sadly, correct them, as it was my second!! Last year Charlotte was about 10 weeks old at Mother's Day. This year was much much different. Instead of a sweet, quiet little bundle of baby we had a rambunctious ball of toddler energy! I spent Mother's Day church stuffing Cheerios in her mouth and picking up wipes off the floor as fast as she could throw them and I spent lunch walking her around the Country Club, as she was too cool for the high chair and she wanted to be social. Here are a few pictures to recap that weekend!

This water baby kicked off the weekend in her new blow up pool. When I say new I mean I bought it 5 years ago and never opened it. She is a water baby for sure!

Next we celebrated cousin Logan's graduation from pharmacy school! We forgot to get a picture of c and Logan but here is one of my blue eyed beauties! 

Later that night Forrest and I went to the highlanders ball--one of our favorite parties of the year. Guys wear kilts and funny shirts and girls wear dresses and hats. I loved the fascinator Farrah found me! Forrest was repping our current favorite show, Game of Thrones! While we were having fun dancing with our friends c was home with Davis and Megumi having some fun of their own...

The next day we took our wild girl to church (I think it's ok that my one year old can't sit still during church, right?) and then had lunch at the club with all the Baileys. We had too much fun and food to remember to take a picture! We also forgot to take a picture with momsie and pop that night. Oh well. We did manage one of c and me though! 
This picture sums us up perfectly...c wiggling and wanting to be busy, me exhausted but so happy. 
That morning in church we had a visiting priest and he had someone stand up and he talked about what a lovely example of a mother they were, and they were in fact quite lovely. However this was not a mom (since he was visiting he didn't know--he picked the first lady he saw). Most of the moms there didn't have perfect hair (one poor mama with 5 kids had wet hair that day) matching everything, make up applied without a baby pulling on their dress, or a corsage pinned on their perfectly ironed lapels. Most mamas, at least with young kids, were just proud to be there somewhat on time, kids and parents at least somewhat dressed for the occasion (c always is dressed better than me no matter where we go). Mama life is hard, exhausting, messy, frustrating, unscheduled, but so perfect in its own way. Like that picture of me above (jacked up hair since I had only about three minutes to run a straightener over it, pale skin since there is zero time to lay out or get a spray tan) it may be a wild ride but it a wonderful one that makes me so so happy. Happy Mother's Day (several weeks late, done like a true mama) to all of you other mamas out there smiling through the blessed chaos! 

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