Monday, June 27, 2016

16 months

16 months already!!??? How can this be? 

Charlotte is jabbering up a storm now. One day she just decided she needed to be making noises nonstop! It's very cute and I'm kind of sad that she will only do this for a short time! She is trying to talk so hard and she tries her hardest to repeat when we ask her to. My favorite new things she is saying are Mimi, please, purple (purl), star, and pink. And speaking of pink, this girl knows her colors! She can't say them all but she can point to them when asked--most of them anyway. We practice with the colored circles on her bath mat so she is best at those colors (pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, orange). Also she is really working on her letters (also in the bath) and lately has picked up Z and H (H may have been last month?). She also has shapes in the tub and her favorites are diamond and star (tar). We sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the bath and she tries to sing along. I know she wants me to sing it when she starts saying "uppa" as in "up above the world so high".

A MAJOR development that just happened in the past week is that she has decided it is easier and more comfortable for me to lay her down in her crib awake rather than her flipping all over me while trying to rock her to sleep. She has NEVER wanted to go to sleep on her own and I honestly loved rocking her to sleep every night. I cried the other night simply because she is growing up and losing some of her baby ways!!

This month she has really started to want to climb on things and she is pretty good at it. It scares me though so I try to discourage it. She has no fear so who knows what she will try to climb! We are also practicing self feeding and it is going well. She gets SO determined to spear her dinner with a fork sometimes. She of course isn't great at it but practice makes perfect and she definitely practices a lot. If she ever is being lazy about eating we will give her a fork or spoon and it immediately piques her interest! She has been LOVING blueberries from Papa B's garden lately as well as watermelon and cucumbers.

This month's big event was of course starting school. I think it is really good for her and she doesn't seem to hate it so I'm very pleased. She will continue going in the fall as well and I can't wait to see what she learns! I love getting to pack her little lunch and dress her for school. I know one day those tasks will be mundane but as of now they are so much fun!! 

We spend most of our free time with our little fishy at the pool. She will scream "pool pool pool" if we mention the word and when we pull into the parking lot she knows exactly where we are. She doesn't weigh enough to wear a puddle jumper (although we have one that she likes to wear since the big kids have them) and she doesn't exactly enjoy the baby float so we are always holding her. However holding her includes throwing her in the air and catching her when she jumps off the side. It is exhausting to take her to the pool because she is so busy! She also loves the splash pad, which is freezing cold, and will run and squeal through it over and over. It's pretty precious.

Time is flying and we are definitely having fun!! 
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