Monday, June 13, 2016

First First Day!!!

You all know how I really get excited over the "first" and "last" of something. First day of school, last first day of school, all that is really exciting to me. Well this month we celebrated Charlotte's FIRST FIRST day of school EVER!! I have been very very excited about her starting preschool. She has the absolute best nanny in the world and I love having her home but my girl is a busy little thing and she loves to be social so I felt like she needed to be around other children more frequently. I went to sign her up for fall and ended up enrolling her in the summer program. She will just be in the nursery and will be able to play with children around her age before her real school program starts in the fall.

I was so excited to get her school supplies and pretty much made myself sick trying to choose a backpack and lunch box (not a valid reason to stress, I know). I got her name on everything possible. I picked out her first day outfit months ago and then changed it the morning of. I mean I was really really really excited! I just knew she would love it and so I felt great about the decision we made to send her. I was nervous, however, about drop off and pick up. At her school the director comes to the car and gets them from the carseat and then at the end of the day brings them to you and straps them in (what service!!). At first I was really horrified--I couldn't let some stranger (actually she is our neighbor but C doesn't know her) take her from her car seat!! I planned on taking her in the first day but then I realized that would probably be worse--she cries when I leave her sometimes, even when she is at home, so I knew she would freak out if I left her in a strange place. The school knows best, and since I would have to let them take her from the car eventually, I decided we would suck it up and rip off the band aid.

On the first day I felt like it was MY first day. I got up earlier than necessary, got ready for work in about 10 minutes, and just sat there waiting to wake her up. Forrest and I talked to her all during breakfast about school and seeing the other babies and how much fun it was. She had no idea what we were talking about but you could tell she was excited because we were. We left the house super early and we had to drive around to kill time. I got SO nervous at drop off. The babies in front of us cried and I knew C was going to cry and not like it and that is exactly what happened but we survived with only minimal tears (none from me--yay--I had court so I couldn't focus on her being upset). The teacher told me she only cried a couple of minutes and that she loved the rest of the day. Who wouldn't love playing with new friends all morning long!? I was so jittery that morning I barely got any work done at the office--I wanted to know what she was doing so badly! Forrest and I went to pick her up together and she was so happy to see us but SO tired. She slept for 3 hours that afternoon and went right to bed that evening. She still cried the next day and I'm sure she will cry at drop off for a while, but at least she enjoys it while she is there and I know she is really benefiting from it. I'm so proud of her for being such a big girl!! I am a little sad that she can't tell me all about her day but that will come soon enough!

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