Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fun little weekend

Our weekend was jammed with fun events--take a look!!

Friday night my parents hosted an "Italian Night" for some of their friends and we tagged along. C LOVED the pasta and canoli cups---but of course that was not surprising!
Matching daddy and Farrah! 

On Saturday C stayed with my parents while Forrest and I went to his hygienist, Elisha's wedding. It was a sweet way to celebrate with our Smith and Bailey family!

That night we went to the Serendipity ball. Each year the club presents several "honored singles". I was presented 10 years ago and Forrest 9! Gosh we are OLD!!!!

On Sunday we had lunch with the Baileys as usual but afterwards we went to Aunt Debbie's pool to try to beat the heat. We were so proud of Charlotte--she jumped off the diving board! Forrest was underneath to catch her and I was behind her so she couldn't fall off the side. What a big girl!!!

We rounded the evening out with dinner at my parents' house--a fun little weekend indeed!
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