Monday, June 13, 2016

Memorial Day weekend

We wanted this Memorial Day weekend to be all about fun with Charlotte so we jam packed it with lots of activities and adventures. We went to Mimi's house Friday night and boy did c have a big time! Mimi, granddaddy, my cousin Juliana, and Aunt Fran kept her so Forrest and I could go eat and run some errands. We had a great dinner at flip burger, got a few things done at the summit, and capped off the evening with drinks at the oh so posh grand bohemian hotel and dessert at Chex lulu. C, meanwhile, was busy running circle through the house and trying on everyone's earrings. I have it on good authority everyone was wearing hoops at one point!
The next morning we met aunt Fran for breakfast at a new restaurant, holler and dash. It's a fancy biscuit place and my oh my was it fantastic! 
Chicken biscuit with pimento cheese, pepper jelly and candies jalapeƱos. C enjoyed the pickled okra! (Yes my child will eat pickled okra, feta cheese and olives but not fried chicken). 
Our next stop was the zoo and Juliana was added to our group. This was the first time c had been to the zoo since she started walking and it definitely made the trip more fun! 
The bubble machine at the entrance was quite entertaining!
We started at the petting zoo with her favorites, the goats. 
She wanted to touch every single goat despite the fact they were head butting each other. No fear in this one! 

Feeding the giraffes! Now is you ask her what the giraffe says she sticks her tongue out!
The highlight of the day for c was watching the lion training!! I didn't realize how loudly they roared but that was her favorite part.
Our fun group and my sassy pants!
Last on the agenda was a train ride! The perfect way to end a great morning!
After a nap we want to visit our precious friends the gandhis who have recently moved to Birmingham. It was great to catch up and see their new home! 
 C loved meeting Arth and playing with his toys! He was so sweet to share with her.

We went to Mass next. We have REALLY been struggling with C at church lately. She isn't bad, she is just busy, which is what one year olds are, all the time. She can't sit still and she doesn't really understand whispering so she just climbs all over us and says hey to the people around us, which I know is super distracting. I was nervous to take her to a new church but I figure God doesn't care if your baby is spirited so we went. She immediately realized she was in a church (which surprised me) and she started hollering for "Harp", her friend Harper whom she sees at church often. She lasted a good 10 minutes before she went back to the cry room. Oh well--that's what they are there for. Afterwards we went to Brio for dinner. Now we LOVE Brio but I wasn't sure how C would do--she had already had a pretty busy day and it's a very noisy open restaurant. Well she loved it. She really enjoyed the bread and the wedge salad (yes, my baby eats wedge salad with blue cheese--she loves it!). 

Afterwards it was back to Mimi's for snuggles before bed time! I should also mention that I was terrified of her sleeping down there but she did great in her pack n play!

The next day we had baby's first dim sum at Red Bowl with all the Bailey's to celebrate Davis and Megumi's wedding anniversary. 
Quite interested in the meal! 

We stopped at the outlets on the way home and then went to my parents' house to have dinner and celebrate Memorial Day with Momsie and Pop and my brother and sister in law. Dad had gotten C a little pool and a bubble machine and she was in heaven!! She loved "smooshing" the bubbles.

The next day, Memorial day,  C felt a little feverish but she was acting happy so we assumed it was her teeth (she was getting a new one on the bottom) and we took her to the pool. What a day she had! She loved the splash pad, she loved the baby pool, she loved the big pool--she loved everything!! This is a water girl I tell you what!! 

After her nap she woke up with more fever--pool girl--and turns out she had a little fever virus. Luckily it went away quickly and she bounced right back.

A very happy memorial day indeed!

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